What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


ADA and every other crypto are way too overvalued even now. The low for this year in USD value would be around 5 cents.


How do you base your valuations?


He consults his gold fish.


Unless Coinbase decides not to add it or some catastrophic event occurs, I think we have seen the low already.


I agree @abhachad. The potential addition of Ada to Coinbase makes .14 USD seem like the low for now. I always read Charles on Twitter, but it wasn’t until the Coinbase blog post that I started visiting the forum again.


Considering that news, the formation of a u-shaped bottom at $0.115, and that being confirmed with the completion of an inverted head and shoulder pattern on the daily; hopefully, it means ada won’t be less than $0.12 again this year.


I mentioned this in a previous post of mine. There is some interesting events in the horizon (looking at the charts), that may signal the we reached the bottom. I was able to buy in last time around .12/.13 mark. The setup right now looks interesting.


It just spiked up to .17
Yep, I think we’re on the way up
Bitcoin finally bounced back above 7k as well


Today’s uptick is still related to Coinbase as they got additional approval from the SEC.


I think it’s big boys buying in. Regardless still could bobble around. There are still a lot of crap projects out there… It’s going to be interesting couple of years to see all this play out.


Indeed, things are looking up. I see a major resistance at approximately .17. We need to beat .17 resistance, and then turn the into a support. Tides look to be turning, and we are in a minor up trend. I’m focused on the next pull back period to confirm.


I think a low of 0.13 would be ok. But the coin is gaining traction and I can see at least a stale base around 0.14 with an up to 0.20 in the next 2 months. Just a gut feeling.


0.20 in next two months? It was .38 a month ago. It better climb way higher, we just need bitcoin to go back above 10k


I think we can safely say it’s already broken


Oh see I didn;t realise that. Then let me jump over to Tradingview and do some technical analysis. Would be great to maybe aim for 0.50GBP.


Yep, that’s the number I’m aiming at to take a profit and reinvest at the down turn. I want to double up my :ada: at least once before it goes back above 1.3


Cardano always rockets first, but CB seems to have reduced how far it falls on retraces.


Don’t get caught without when CB news drops. I just lost 10% of my volume trying to trim profits 5 minutes before that last announcement hit. It all went to Daedalus after that. I’m holding and buying fresh only now. Targeting usual Coinbase bump of 12x. As potential small exit, profit taking. I just want to profit from staking.

Now I have to pray that my gamble on a half position in ETC, while it plays possum again, gets me back in. My very amateur calculations that are based on LTC being added to CB in similar market conditions, have ETC at $212 in December.


Let’s see if .17 holds. It’s looking good so far. If it does, we need to make a higher high than the previous pivot point of .195. That will confirm uptrend.


If institutions want to invest in crypto, be it ETF or something else, how much would they be willing to pay to acquire say BTC and/or ADA? As little as possible of course. They are greedy fucks why would they pay for 8k or even 10k+ for BTC?

Do you sense total dread and despair in the market? There was some fear but now that the price has risen the sentiment has been improving. The bear market is over only when retail investors have totally given up and left the market. Whales will accumulate coins at cheap price and make a new bull run next year or the year after and dump on everyone. Remember this is totally manipulated market. I don’t sense the total despair yet. As I see it, the downtrend is absolutely not over yet.

My valuation is based on ADABTC chart. I don’t look at USDT pairs. I see ADA drop to around 1200 satoshi. It’s not going to happen right now though, as we are in a temporary uptrend. We will dump later.