What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


“Give her time to grow,” please. Ada is feminine.


Hmm… I don’t base any information on how the market 'feels". I agree the markets are highly manipulated, but these market are also very interesting. I find them interesting because they move in correlation, very high correlation. It seems that most alt coins are either attached to ETH or BTC as far as trading patterns. You have to understand that these retail investors do not know how to accurately price the crypto markets. However, when the professionals start to enter into the market, which they most definitely will, you will start to see high variations among each other.

IMO we already hit the bottom and are not going much lower than .11. Some call this a “pump”, I call this a start of a new trend. I don’t base this on news, and I cannot predict any new news. Like I said in my previous post, we need to turn .17 from a resistance into a support. We should see if its going to do this by friday. I look at all cryptos, and I only look at USD pairings.


What do the tea leaves say about this latest dip? I’m getting that old buying feeling again!


my coffee cup says “reverse mortgage your house, buy ADA”…


Mine says “World’s best dad” but what does it know, I don’t even have kids…


Whats is the 4k mark you mentioned to stop mining? Ppl mined it all along way below 4k.


That cup is a great dad, kids went on to become fine China.


Appears buy at 12 sell at 14. I have now made my initial stake. Thanks all.


Low will be 0.12 roughly. I model some instances to go as low as 8 but for me the buy is in at 0.14 since 0.12 is a 50% shot on my model. I’m thinking now is a good buy…I think oversold. This is not financial advice, just my opinion.


I’m taking 6 cents for a low. There’s a long road ahead.


My model right now is .08 USD for 2018 somewhere out there in the next 45-60 days, then I expect a huge bounce.


8 cents is pretty tasty to me


i dont think we will drop below .10cents usd and i beleive come December we will be at $1 atleast!


my math model told me $0.026 :stuck_out_tongue:


haha…i was just being positive…if i did the math like you, i would probally come up with around the same number lol


Great mathematical ability.(Taught by the P.E. teacher aha…:joy:)

I really don’t want the price becomes so low, because I bought too much already. But sadly, $0.026 is still 10x of the ICO price, which is 0.0024 :pensive:


Lets be positive! Theres only around 143 days left in 2018, but countless days in future!


I’m ok with being positive the rest of the year


7 or 8 cents?


And people will be amazed that they didn’t buy, even though they could have.