ADA not recognized that much

ADA is ambiguous could stand for any number of things and it it a lot less recognizable to people than CARDANO. Wouldn’t it be better to ditch the ADA and just call it Cardano coin?


Lol, in contradiction, the Chinese community ppl only know Ada, dunno about Cardano.


There’s a few billion of 'em,tell 'em to buy some maybe the price will go up

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Yess agree

If that’s true then we need to promote ADA more and Cardano less.


The similarities are too intriguing to pass up. What a great angle to base a marketing campaign upon!

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So true. It resembles anarchy very closely.


Horrible angle. Most people prefer stability.

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And you are under the impression that the current financial system is stable?

Paradoxically Order without Rulers should be more stable because it closer resembles entropy. The question is whether it’s beneficial to everyone - I guess time will tell.


IMO there is a potential scenario when Cardano becomes the BIG thing, but ADA will be hidden / seamless from the masses. In this scenario ADA is purely the fuel for the Cardano decentralized infrastructure, but not the mass adopted global currency that plays a role in all kinds of value exchanges or in value store and is in a prime location of the user wallets.

I hope for both, but IMO Cardano may succeed without ADA becoming famous, while ADA can´t succeed without Cardano becoming popular …


I completely agree.

We should be putting equal energy into educating and appealing to the general public and corporate interests.


Technology, user growth and commercialization are the three key components for any kind of project.

I believe we need to work harder on latter 2. :grin:


Keep believing that

Let me guess…you’re not. Yet, you probably have been participating in the current economy for some time now. Are you a prepper of some sort thinking the financial system will soon collapse? Or a you an investor who bet their life savings hoping the system will collapse so that you have crypto going to the moon? Let’s get some facts straight. The US government will NEVER allow financial control greater than that which it has, exist outside of its influential sphere. That’s a fact. It impacts national security. So centralization as far as it is concerned is already here in the form of regulation. Crypto will exist along side securities with the benefit of utility much like a car wash token or arcade game token. If you think its going to allow you to anonymously donate to Iran, ISIS, or Kim Jung Il or whoever, you’ve lost your mind and will likely lose a bunch of money. In my opinion, those people are beyond dreaming. Crypto has a use but that use has to be regulated otherwise you have chaos and sorry bud, that wont happen in the US.

I feel chaos in U.S. is a lot closer than you think.

That’s probably what you hope. This patriot for one would sacrifice everything to ensure that doesn’t happen. Fact. I’m certainly not alone. 3/5

Think of the murders and mass shootings that happen while the economy has been “good”. Now think of what’s going to happen when the economy gets bad. Add a little abrupt climate change and it’ll be civil war.

That is no order. It’s a failure of an authoritarian system. I’ve also never said I’m in favor of anarchy. I’m in favor of order created for the benefit of the people not the order created to control the people.

Youre really hoping for that aren’t you? For each crime countbthe number of people jailed or defended by the use of a gun. Failed argument.

You can always move to another country. There are several diffferent variations. I’m sure you can find one to your liking. Why not just go and be happy? Doesn’t sound like you’re happy where you are.