What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


So, lets see who’s still in the game as of today:


Uh I called .12 and was correct. I then called for the low of .08 so I don’t see why I am out. Please reread my post. Thanks.


Well, the game is "What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA? " But, I’ll grant your do-over at $.08.


Well, does that mean he who says **$ 0 ** wins over all others?


My first call at .08 on a revised model after a BTC analysis.


$0.087469 . that’s it!


Aug 4th post

The updated call from the first post after forecasting and RSI analysis.

See second post.

“Buying this dip all the way down to .08, then going to dump at .14 to .18. Then I’ll repeat the cycle till the end of the year when there should be a large bump. Then if there is a Coinbase pump, I’ll dump the rest then…but I have thought about hodling once Coinbase adds ada. Who knows???”


Aug 8 post.

What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


My model right now is .08 USD for 2018 somewhere out there in the next 45-60 days, then I expect a huge bounce.


Aug 8 post:

Anyone seen this, what’s going on here?


Ada to .08 USD. I’m calling it.


Model is holding up.

From my Aug 3 post:
“I model and buy on the down trend. My expectation is that it will go down to .12 USD and one more time down to .08. Then I buy again. After that I would expect a bump at year end. The thing is this is a long game more so than EOS or some other coin. So, if you’re looking for day to day trades, Carda…“


Added my trend reversal, updated RSI, and forecasted calls. Too many bots so math had to be changed.


I was projecting around 1200 satoshi to be the bottom. Now given the behaviour of BTC movement, I’m now expecting 700-900 satoshi. Let’s do it.


I buy mine ethereum. I hate the huge lag times with Bitcoin.


New bottom from my model. We’re looking at .04-.05 USD. This is going to be interesting if we head here because after that the pricing is horrible and actually is close to nothing 0.015 before a turn in the later part of Sept. this is not financial advice but I’ll be buying on the dip. All in.


.04-.05 USD low coming down the pipe.


Let’s do it. My projection gives me 0.025 USD. I hope it turns out.

I still have shorts from way earlier. One of my most profitable trade ever. Let’s dump it to the ground.


Yikes…I’m not trying to short it though…I actually want it to go up. It’s just that the cards don’t show it going this way because of BTC. Too bad its tied to BTC so strongly.I do want to buy though!


The problem I have with using ETH is if the price swings it tends to be larger on ETH, so I get more for my money using BTC. Just sayin’


@Michael94588 agree 100%


This whole ETF thing is pretty stupid. It’s like watching an elephant doing tricks in the circus for a piece of bread.

All it needs to do is look up and see the feast that Bakkt has prepared for it.

This message will find its way to masses eventually.

For the next two-five months, I am bullish like never before!