What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


Where’s the best place to short? Bitfinex or Bitstamp you think?


Ive never used Bitstamp so…


3 cents will be 2018 end, then 0.0001 for 2019


@HansStolte … keep dreaming


7 cents today, yep it’s all good, HODL :slight_smile:


I can appreciate the large dose of skepticism you have here. However, I wonder whether your skepticism is targeted towards Cardano or towards crypto in general!

Sharing your reasoning that made you arrive at these numbers would help others see your perspective.

I suppose it’s not inconceivable to see total crypto market cap drop to high 60s. We did see it drop from 800+ to $200B.

The current valuation of the whole space is entirely based on speculation. ETF rejections are deflating the expectation of bonanza most speculators were drooling over. At present, the information disparity in this space is so high that I am not sure traditional models of risk assessment can evaluate the financial risk of an ETF that was entirely based on crypto.

Given that the prospects of SEC approving more speculative markets look bleak in the near term, BTC @ 2k and ETH @ $70 is not impossible to imagine. ADA @ 3 cents would not be such a bad thing in that case.

If that happened it will be a good entry point for long term investors who thought they missed the bus already, IMO.


True that, however Tether is about to cause a few issues.


Time for an update of users whose predictive ability we can safely ignore:



You’re ridiculous. If you think the analytics for anything remain static from a point in time calculation against the volatile crypto market you’re idea of a pool is worthless and is not a forum or discussion worth my participation. As you can see, many people have made updates as market dynamics, sentiment, legislation, developments, personnel, etc., change over time. You’re comments are a waste and borderline stupid if you think a prediction is to last over a span of time and not consider or necessitate changes as conditions change.

I’d be better off saying as a high I predict 1 million and as a low I predict -$50 and I’ll always be in the running. Accurate analytics change over time, therefore predictions change over time.


Maybe a simple exercise in reading would be worthwhile. Title of the thread is “What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?” is it not? I don’t see any “s”. Nor any invitation for “price analysis”.

A prediction is just a bet. Go to Las Vegas and try changing your bet at the Black Jack table based on “table dynamics” and “prevailing sentiment” and see how far you get. “You’re comments are a waste and borderline stupid if you think a prediction is to last over a span of time and not consider or necessitate changes as conditions change.” - Um, span of time is in the tile of the thread. [face palm]


As Ive stated before stability lies within the 300m-1b market cap at given point. If litecoin can hold this level during 5 year bear market, Cardano should be able to do so too.

If BTC has entered a bear market is yet to be seen, we will know soon when it drops to 3-5.5k to see what happens - if it bounces or lingers. If it lingers, we are looking at a very long bear market - though there will come a point ADA just stops moving much in any direction if thats the case.

We got to flush a lot of shiet to 0 and have people consolidate their losses, this will take some time. The process will pick up speed once Bitcoin rolls over. Yeah many coins already down 90%, but process has still just started for many coins, still many billions to evaporate. People will want to throw up when they ICO in the future.

Which is great - if any ICOs should be launched they should represent assets or securities in the future - thats where the real revolution would be.


Well, looks like I’m out as we are (and have been for a bit now) under 7 cents. Didn’t think we’d get here unless BTC was 3-4k ish, which I still think is a realistic possiblity. So I could easily see us at half our current price (3ish cents) if that happens


hahaha :slight_smile: i have not visited this post in time! it is a truly entertaining one i must say :slight_smile: @lovelacepool love your update haha

This is why i love the community forum and the passion displayed… keep it going everyone…i dont know about the rest of y’all… but this post gives a great sense of pride in Cardano.

keep in mind, for the most part there can only be one Winner! To You, i congratulate in advance, and to myself and the rest of us that lost…a toast…CHEERS!


Anticipating another price drop from where I stand! It’s coming soon folks. Going to be a great XMas gift to myself! This is not financial advice in any way.


I have no opinion about the lowest or highest possible price for Cardano. I believe it will be higher in some years so I bought some. I will not sell any of it in the next five years. And in case the price drops: If my ADAs fall under a certain limit in EUR, I buy more. If it goes to 0.0000001 I’l try to imitate the Winklevosses and buy 1% of all ADA out there. So you can be sure, ADA will not fall to zero. :wink:


well well well… @lovelacepool …can we have an update ? haha

and @Michael94588 …your model prediciton updates?


A telling update:

Only @Mihori left in the game. Who thinks ADA goes below $.026 before year end?


We’re depressed enough, no need to pour lemon :lemon: juice on the wounds :sob:


When only one player is left in the game that’s the time you have a winner. Mihori won.


I’m surprised it went so low, honestly at this point who knows, I think pretty much anything is possible including $0.00

Genuinely sad for people who bought above 50c