ADA/BTC breakout

Nice breakout from the falling wedge on the 1h chart, ADA/BTC.
Wondering how high it will go next days. BTC also a little bit up, but the bears are already pulling it down again.

This shows clear signs that when the bull run will start, Ada price will grow rapidly. When the current marketcap of Ada is below Binance coin, everybody can see the remarcable undervaluation of Ada. You can’t even compare these two coins on the same day. So my estimation is that after Shelley we will never see again prices under ,05 usd.


Trader never rich in cardano. The price will $0.04 until doomsday

And why do you think this?

This was an interesting article BTW…


So bottom has been reached and new ATH in 3 years. Excellent writing, thank you!

Some say that BTC is going down to the 1500-2000 dollar range.
Personally I don’t see that happening, way too cheap. Maybe to 3000 dollars again, but than it will go up.

In the abow article, the author said he is familiar with BTC/2000 usd prediction. He could how ever show, that avarage price payd by current BTC holders is higher than current price and investors are not voluntarely taken 33% losses. He also has many other statements why below 3000usd will not happen. On the other hand, under 3000usd predictions are only based on the statement that there have not yet been enough suffering. Still no one can estimate what is the level of current suffering on the markets.

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This bear market is likely to take alot longer to end that everyone is thinking. Bottoms are often retested and we have not found a bottom yet ! NVT chart which was predicted all previous major tops and bottoms is not even close to giving a reading at prior low point. Historical volatility index also has not shown enough, and btc dollar volume also has not shown anywhere near enough buying. Therefore 200ma is not bottom meaning that a break of that is likely, and therefore low to mid 2k’s currently looks like an area that will be tested. This could take a long time though and a strong bounce up before then is very possible.