Will Ada break from Bitcoin?

Can Ada break away from Bitcoin? Looking at the charts it appears our best opportunity to see some distance is around ~ $0.09. If we see Ada rising or holding and Bitcoin falling, that is a big deal! I am almost rooting for the market to fall a little further so we can cut the tether.

It might be a little premature without the release of Goguen but our day is coming soon. Such an exciting time!


Rough day but we got some really good data. Hopefully you were all able to add some at these sale prices too.

I was talking to a friend about these last few days in crypto and we had an interesting idea. The whales realize that there is a ton of retail investors coming into the space. They were able to sell into the wave, take profits, and keep the market pinned down so they can accumulate more at much better prices. They don’t want demand coming in before they aquire their full positions.

Most people realize they want to be in fairly liquid positions right now. The macro picture remains the same though (fed and world banks non stop printing). You can’t afford to sit on cash because that bubble is getting closer to popping everyday. Gold is ok to preserve buying power but that is a crowded trade right now.

Just seems like buying into ADA with high growth potential, an actual framework for development, and protection from inflation is a solid bet.

Curious to hear how all of you are viewing this. Good luckk to all of you and stay safe.


Buy and hold

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You mean buy and stake :wink:

By looking at the Cardano price prediction, we can say that Cardano has great capability. The cryptocurrency is expected to rise as much as $0.1 by the end of 2020. This very timid price prediction may prove accurate, however, the cryptocurrency has great space to perform extremely better by the end of 2020.

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пт, 11 Сен 2020 г., 17:01 Justin Bowers via Cardano Forum <cardano@discoursemail.com>:

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Cardano is flirting with $0.09 right now. I have anything under that as an automatic buy. Will be interesting to see if that trigger hits tonight