Thousands of posts, opinions and talking heads are all over YouTube, Google and wherever else people can discuss crypto currencies. The focus seems to always be “how high will ADA go” and “how fast”?

I’ve learned much over my many years in existence on this planet. I’ve made a ton of huge mistakes, lost a lot of money, and learned the hard way that no one can ever predict the future.

What I have learned is you must invest in companies with great teams and fundamentals. There’s over 1400 crypto currencies and mostly everyone is looking for that massive .03 to $1000 gain, (like ETH) in 365 days. Good for them and I hope they succeed, but they’re in for a rude awakening.

Cardaro is the first real “investment” I’m making that I believe will change the world. It will grow slowly, but that’s a good thing! When 98% of the garbage pump and dump crypto currencies burst and are worthless, the money will move to safe havens, ADA being one of them.

More importantly, everyone forgets the more ADA you own, (and don’t sell), it will produce DIVIDENDS for you in ADA. If you sit on ADA and let it produce dividends for you over the next 10 years, in most likelihood, you won’t have to work anymore and just live off of your ADA.

This is real investing, and this is exactly what I’m doing with ADA, and why it accounts for 90% of my portfolio.

They’re solving major problems and have a global vision - I’m sold.

So when you hear about “HODL” (which I think is silly), it’s sound advice. Buy, hold and watch the market rise, fall but more importantly, GROW.

I wish everyone the best.



Well said! Completely agree. Chasing the one year .03 to 1,000 dream is most likely gonna cause disappointment…holding/investing in a team, project, company as such as this one is is true investing.


Very good advice. Near the end of 2017 I made the full transition from speculative trader to 100% investor into where I see real potential long term value. I am much less stressed (and obsessed) and will likely make greater returns in the long run (over a long ark of time, as Charles would say). I am 100% sold on Cardano as the best investment on the market, hands down.


What drives me nuts is no one knows when ADA will jump 30%/50%/100% over night… you have to be “in it” when it happens other wise, you missed the boat.


I have to listen to the Bitcoin parity to gold every time I get together with some friends.
It was to go like this when Bitcoin equals the price of gold, Bitcoin will fall 50% I’ll double holding then.
They now only speak of the “loss” they took by not holding, painful to see it in their faces.
One more time:


Where can I get me one of those? :slight_smile:

You should look at QuantStamp as well - QSP. That’s another long term buy and hold.

I don’t have ADA because I wanted to invest in crypto.
I wanted to Invest in people and their idea.


@SaturnV - How do you decide that (assuming ADA will be super successful, as everyone here in this forum believe and keeping faith in / or we wouldnt be here) it will produce “dividends” and allow you to “live off” ADA?

Because for example, people who invested in Bitcoin, couldnt have “live off” the crazy rise of Bitcoin, without selling it (which is a very conflicting thing to do for Bitcoin-ers, since they really couldnt tell where is the “peak”, since it just kept rising for senseless reasons, and now kept falling for probably more sensible reasons)

I dun think I have heard or read anything about ADA that would have given ADA holders, some form of “interest” that would have allowed a “live off your ADA” situation…

Can you enlighten me?

It’s called “staking”, probably best to seach this forum and the Cardano docs for info, but it’s expected to start in Q2 and be around 9% in the first year, reducing to 4-5% in later years. To get it you have to either run a full node 24/7 or delegate your ADA holding to a pool that will run one or more nodes.


Yep! This is what I tell my colleagues… personally I put every dollar I can find into Ada and never sell . And yeah it’s unlikely to hit 1000-10,000x gains … but what kind of “investment” does that? I really appreciate the care and measured pace of cardano.

I feel comfortable buying at any price knowing it could still drop 90% over the short term .

Dollar cost averaging !


How can you blame people for seeking that 1000x gains? Especially, when they actually witnessed it happen before.

seems like bad advice now…who do you think are making out like bandits from the crash in price…the principled hodler…or the guy who saw the market was going to crash and tripled their stake? Ill tell you who didnt hodl smart money didnt hodl …cheers

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However, if you try to pin point the actual bottom and actual top, you will lose 8/10 times. Your stake will actually decrease and you will be wishing that you had just held on and went for the ride. I’ve tried timing it just right for years and then just decided to hold. I made SO much more money just holding through times.

No one knows where any market is going, but if I like the company and the business model, I buy it.

  • Warren Buffett

Dont need to know the actual bottom or the actual top my man … lots of people the saw the correction a coming…lots of people made sick profits before it came…Im sure youve made great money hodling especially if youve been in the space for awhile. But if you dont take profits…and cant see the times to take then…who knows what comes at the end of the journey…peace

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It’s all about time IN the market, not TIMING the market.

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This is it… Well said sir…
We’ll see that Investing is more Profitable than just speculative things…
Get rich quick mindset is fuc*ing destroying. We ,people that know that crypto is not Zero Sum Game especially ADA, will rejoice in the end…
Time will tell… No need for debate…

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This is very wise counsel and I agree with you wholeheartedly.


You’d gotta like the way Warren thinks: the proof is in the pudding, as it were. Warren has earned our respect.


Yep. That is it, my friend. One can get lucky timing the market, but by and large, it is more akin to gambling in that it is highly speculative.


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After watching the market go up and down, left and right, you will drive yourself nuts trying to time it. It can skyrocket overnight and you’ve missed the bus… just keep buying every month, dollar cost average and hold on. It will be a wild ride.