well, Ada also falls 30% 50% and 80%. convince me you are not the big whale

In my personal opinion your post is 30% wright and 50% wrong and 20% questionable.

Even if you believe in ADA as much as I do, you can’t buy in at any price just thinking it will be higher later on and with no other metrics or consideration in mind.

If you do that, It is still speculation, regardless if you name it long term investment.

… Even if blockchain goes global in 5 years, even if Cardano covers 30% of the globe, it does not guarantee that Ada will do the same.

Technology paradigms shifts have a funny way to bring the unexpected.

By comparison with the internet boom …
based on your assumption, the ISP providers should have been the richest companies in the world … And yet they are not, but some of the business build using that service are.
Also, a lot of ISPs went bust, their client base taken over by other ISP … no one can tell you now what chain will be and what chain will not. Or even if the most used chain will have the most valuable coin.

When you open the Pandora box you never know what demons get out :slight_smile:

So …
If you want to buy, good,
if you sell good,
if you hold and wait good,
if you dont own and wait to see, good.


It already made an exponential jump form about .026 usd to .30. Most likely gains will be a bit more modest going forward punctuated by some bursts.

Really jd ? Warren Buffet thinks bitcoin and crypto is a bust and a bad investment.


That is a valid point, to be sure, but I was referring to his chosen area of operation, stocks and how that suggests we too could profit in our area, crypto, by holding as opposed to trying to time the market, which is largely unsuccessful over the long run.

I am aware that Warren is not a fan of Crypto and I part company with him on this front.



I agree with you. Trying to time the market is a risky endeavor.

If you look for a solid investment - search for (First ICO on Cardano) / First project financed by Emurgo.

Even if I like the concept of Cardano, I see 2 problems:

  1. For the time being, it’s just an idea. There is nothing you can buy with Cardano and there is nothing you can use Cardano for.
  2. Cap supply is huge, you would need a tremendous use of ADA to make easy money sitting on your ADA.
    There’s a long and “harduous” road from the idea to its implementation. A lot happens in the mean time, and some tokens and coins are making headway or finding uses and buyers.
    It’s a bet, probably a good one, but I would certainly not put all my fun money betting on it though.

I do understand your point but:

Apple, Googleand other companies did not succeed over night. So I am really not worried about reaching their goal.

One thing that really bothers me is how slow they are. Omisego, for example, will accept any digital asset in their wallet and they already have agreements and collaborations with countries. And that country is really not the most “developed”. And OMG made huge step and will start banking people there where people do not know banks (or at least do not use them).

So, they really are slow. But perfectionist. Only time will tell if perfectionism will pay of. I hope it will.

Warren Buffett readily admits that he is not a tech guy and was initially not in favor of the internet either. He came around once he understood it and it stabilized. He will do the same with crypto in a couple years (I hope he is still alive in a couple years).

I will bet you 500 ada that in 2 yrs time Warren will not have changed his mind regarding crypto. How can you speak for someone else ? He is very particular on how he invests. He will never invest in something that doesn’t create compounding interest. He doesn’t even like dividends. He doesn’t like " investments " like gold or crypto because they don’t fit the definition of investment. According to him, buying an asset like gold, art or crypto, is simply hoping people will be willing to pay more for it then what you did.


Maybe so, I might be wrong. However, when his normal profits increase on Wells Fargo, I think he might give it another look. It will obviously take the network being fully functional and company participation before that happens. That might take a little longer than a couple years for large companies like WF.

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Get in on the first round (40% discount) with less than the required 10 ETH…

The unofficial but recommended Telegram group putting together pools has now had another 10 ETH committed so is just about to open another pool. This might well be the last one before round one closes, if you want to get in I’d say do it today! You don’t need to be whitelisted, just join the Telegram group!

Are you “in” Rob? I am :wink:


Yes I am… :grin::grin::grin:

I agree completely… people (hodlers) really shy away from dips like this in the market, they end up losing out massively.
However I do feel we need to get rid of the fear of selling. Settings goals of when to sell and when to buy is the best way not to lose money. In the long run, accumulating more ada is the goal, and we should be doing everything we can to get there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post! Totally agree with you!

sure man…sale time for ada now!.

Thank you!!! My point exactly…buy and dont sell…just HODL! There are many cryptos out there that you can play with and do trading. For traders, i dont even think Cardano makes them alot of profit, there are many other cryptos that are much more volatile, and can give you much more gains than Cardano.

Let me cast my spell now… Abracadabra " TRADERS BE GONE"

Have to jump in here. Right now, there’s tons of risk. Cardano is new, has not yet gone to market, has had a speculative bubble come and go as it rode along with all cryptos.

The risks are many and they will either manifest as actual weaknesses or fade away as part of ‘things overcome’ on the way to a success story. But, Cardano could have assessed it’s market incorrectly, or competition could step in front, or the team may be of poor quaility or the product may hit an unexpected road block or blocks. These are all risks today. The investor today that goes long or decides to HODL accepts these risks and takes the stance that the risks will be addressed an a success in the marketplace will take place.

What every one here can do to improve our value proposition is to non-emotionally assess those aspects of Cardano that we can. The code, the team, the competition, the product/platform.

I did a little of this myself months ago. I work in a technical role for a large wholesale company and I contacted IOHK to ask about how Cardano and blockchain might help a transactional company likes ours. We have 1000’s of vendors and many 1000’s of customers.

Respectfully, I did not feel as though IOHK was ready to respond to me in a well-prepared or well-versed way.

OK. Fine. File that away in the folder of perhaps lacking a little team strength.

But I keep following Cardano because I really do like elements of the approach that’s been laid out. And I still follow it closely today. My biggest single beef is the long development timeline. In my view, team and tools need to combine in a better way to produce a better product in less time. That’s my view and I don’t expect all to share it.

But I also think I am probably missing the core story. The core story is probably a competitive one. I think My Space vs Facebook is one that may apply here. First mover My Space (aka Bitcoin or ETH or XRP) dropped the ball because the site did not work well and Facebook ran roughshod over them. Cardano is in the Facebook role here but, even with the slow timeline, do they have the team to do to the leader what Facebook did? I think that’s probably the most serious question Cardano faces.

My answer to that is no. I love Charles but he loves to talk in ways that are less than clear much of the time. That does not help unless lack of clarity is his best move.

So that’s my take. To respond to some here …

if you own ADA, you are speculating. You can reduce your risk by finding out more about the likely success of ADA in the marketplace. You need to assess the team, the code, the competition, the platform. Any bits of info will be helpful. As you gain insights, you will see the writing on the wall most likely.

If you are not sure, do not fall victim to the FOMO people. There will always be time to get in ahead of the crowd. We simply know way more about crypto than 99% of the population even if we don’t know the inside story on any one crypto.

Buffet invested in Apple once he realized it was a Brand. Buffet invests in consumer brands (among other things), not in tech. Apple is a consumer brand. Intel and Microsoft are as well. They are not tech companies to Buffet.

I recommend everyone investigate and report back here. There is very limited downside so even if the news is bad, you won’t be hurting anyone holding large amounts like may have been possible even a month ago.

It’s all for one and one for all time.