Support the price when you have to, or you may be a joke. Or I may be

Basically this is the idea I want to share with the team. But I think it would also be good to have everyone in the community to think about it a little bit.

Yes, wonderful philosophy and promising path. Yes, excellent technology and great team. But if you do think that’s all about it, wrong.

In cryptocurrency, you can’t step aside from the price.

If people believing in you and watching you closely are continuously losing money. Bad idea. You are hurting the early buying people. (BTW this is exactly the opposite what Bitcoin brings to the early people. I mean the REAL PEOPLE, not the few institutional investors!) Who is going to listen to you in the future?

Yes, those interested in your technology will listen. (BTW they will be the seller in the Treasury era. They won’t work for something cheap will they?) But is it enough? You need to make every body win, at least at this early stage. Or Ada should not be listed in exchanges in the first place.

Yes I know it’s a long term investment. Yes I know it is a bear market and every coin is going down. But how do people buying Ada FEEL when it drops more than all the other top20 cryptocurrency? No price support there. Every bounce is a good selling point. You never miss buying point, the longer you wait the better, but you miss the chance to sell a lot.

I don’t mean you need to pump the price when Cardano is basically not even decentralized and so many things are being developed. That’s kind of manipulating the market, maximizing self-interest. But it is something about making everybody win, or at least lose less.

If you care, and if you think yourself do worth buying, and if you feel Cardano do worth people believe in, give Ada some support! Company buy their stocks back from the market when they think the price is too low and they are undervalued. Or perhaps it is not under it’s true value, so the team has no move yet compared to Tron. OK great.

I recommended Cardano so much to others. Perhaps I shouldn’t. What the fword. I am almost a joke now. Mass delusions, you need to maintain that in one way or the other. You know what I mean.

What do you everyone think?

(Do anyone know how to start a vote here?)


Your preaching to the choir here. The lower it goes the happier I get because we are that much closer to a bull run. It is a highly speculative market so only bet what you can afford to loose of course!


No. This needs to go down. It had a parabolic movement up and parabolic movement usually entails 90+% retrace. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s the bulls that pushed the price high and the dumb money that bought the bags and convincing themselves this will go up soon. Real capitulation hasn’t come yet.

ADA needs another 50% retrace at least from current price to find what its truly worth. Hint: not much.

Don’t you think the value to a potential buyer depends on that person’s timescale? As well as other variables? “True worth” being a myth?


Sure one day it will worth a lot, but for the past half year and right now it’s still overvalued even though it has dropped a lot. Part of value investing is recognizing an asset being overvalued. It’s just as important as recognizing one as undervalued. It is also important to recognize what an asset is and will be worth in short, mid and long term.

If an asset is overvalued, it should definitely go down regardless of how people falsely hoping it goes up. Value investing goes both ways.

Shorting an overvalued asset and hoping it goes down is part of proper investment. It applies to all time scale.

Seriously, who on this forum is WILLING to hold the bags from way up in price and watch his investment drop 90+%? I’m certain if one is able, he would rather buy at lower price. Not necessarily the absolute bottom, but definitely at a discount. Admitting being around about assessing the value of an asset is part of being responsible for one’s investment.

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No it’s not. Some people just don’t care about the short term, even the mid term, and why should they? Investment styles that are right for some people are wrong for others, there are no absolutes except “if you can, sell higher than you bought”. That’s it. Your rules are YOURS and you’re welcome to them.

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Regardless, this coin and every crypto will drop hard to find true worth.

I model and buy on the down trend. My expectation is that it will go down to .12 USD and one more time down to .08. Then I buy again. After that I would expect a bump at year end. The thing is this is a long game more so than EOS or some other coin. So, if you’re looking for day to day trades, Cardano is the wrong coin. Better off going to a new ICO type or other coin.

After one day, I calm down a bit and can finally make judgment again…These are the words I am going to remember. Thank you. :hugs:

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Buying this dip all the way down to .08, then going to dump at .14 to .18. Then I’ll repeat the cycle till the end of the year when there should be a large bump. Then if there is a Coinbase pump, I’ll dump the rest then…but I have thought about hodling once Coinbase adds ada. Who knows???

Damn the first bottom came in…I honestly expected/expect it to go to .08 b4 year end but the bump today I didn’t expect.