Institutional Money is around the corner

Here is how it will play out:

  1. Coinbase et al. Will offer custodial solutions to institutional money. Q2-3

  2. Legal status of ETH and ADA will be clarified as non-securities. Q3

  3. ADA will be listed on Coinbase. Q4

  4. Institutions will pour in billions into the space, investing into quality projects. Cardano is by far the most promising crypto so it will see a huge support from institutional investors.

  5. Individual HODLers will retire in Bermuda in 2019.

If you have guts, HODL and prepare for the wild run to the moon.

At the end you may lose your hair because of stress but will afford to buy a lot with old (fiat) money.

Take your positions, folks. And HODL the fort till Shelley comes. Good luck!


Good to see someone else who is as bullish as I am!

Be greedy when others are fearful… :slight_smile:

I know predictions are just predictions but do you have any ballpark figures as to what the price of ADA will be by the end of 2018, 2020 and 2022 if it plays out as you posted? Just curious.

We should be at around $3-5 range depending on how the regulation plays out. I think they’d be stupid to ban any good crypto projects. Some con men will go to jail but that is good for projects like Cardano as people won’t be fooled by lies like 1 MILLION TPS, which isn’t sustainable.

Again I wouldn’t bet my privates on this projection, but it’s a real possibility, I’d say WAY better than buying stock options.


So $3-5 range by end of 2022?

No that would probably be by the end of this year.

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Oh that would be great!! I’m staying on the Cardano Caravan at least a few years!!! :crossed_fingers:

Do not look at the price, folks! Look at the improving technology. (I beg you …)

If you believe in Cardano (not saying ADA!!!) invest and convince non-technical people to invest and believe!

Price does not matter! If you are interested in quick gains, what about BTC or ETH?


That’s a valid concern, especially for cryptos that are “fake-decentralized”. Because if there is a central entity that controls the ecosystem, it will be open to be subpoenaed, sued, blocked, banned, jailed (pick your poison).

Projects that are decentralized like Cardano don’t have that vulnerability. They effectively delegate any power to share information with governments to the individual. Authorities can’t shut down the network or stand in its way (look at bitcoin).

Regulation does and will impact access to capital and given the amount of business activity and the potential innovation no sane democratic government would want to ban them. It’s just too heavy handed and makes the capital/innovation skip your jurisdiction…

I think the US is at least is open minded and still learning, although not as fast as the space is evolving.

USD/ADA listings definitely will bring some liquidity to the market. But we won’t see a sensible decoupling from BTC until the smart money comes. As much as I love my crypto crowd, investors here behave like a herd, which may explain such a strong correlation to BTC.

Granted it is very difficult to analyze crypto, it is not impossible, especially with projects like Cardano which stand head and shoulders above the rest on transparency, security and adherence to true decentralization.

They will win the day.

I would argue a bit on this, but tired to debate and writing down things repeatedly, so here come my prev comments on similar statements.

  1. Let’s talk crypto and the direction of ADA
  2. What percent (%) of your crypto holding is Cardano?

If we talked about financial markets, I’d agree with the point of diversification. The way things look like at the moment (high correlation with BTC), doesn’t give much credence to diversification unless you are talking about two-pair diversification with USD.

I have been analyzing investments for more than a decade and what I see in Cardano (team, tech, philosophy, strategy, potential) far outpace any other crypto I have seen.

This is why I said they will win the space. But that isn’t to say that I would stick with that observation if Cardano changed or if a rival came up with better platform or just beat them in the adoption game.

My mental model dynamically updates my predictions, understanding that these have certain probability of failure.

I don’t have a problem with concentrated positions of 4-5 coins because ultimately, as Warren Buffet put it: “ risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”. Being too diversified may eat up your profits.

That said, I do manage risk. The way I do it is by investing a tiny amount of my overall portfolio in crypto… I think that’s a better risk strategy, given the potential hugely asymmetric payoffs.

Cardano could clear the 1trln market cap soon if they get the adoption right. So far they are on track and have zero competition in their niche. All other projects are immature compared to Cardano.

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But “hooks” to facilitate regulation are being built-in:

A major innovation of Cardano is that it will balance the needs of users with those of regulators, and in doing so combine privacy with regulation. The vision for Cardano is that its new style of regulated computing will bring greater financial inclusion by providing open access for all to fair financial services.

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That’s right. By hooks they mean you can self-identify or self-disclose, which is genius.

But it poses no risk of lawsuits, bans or closures system wide while maintaining the individuals’ right to choose.

That said, on the sidechains anything can happen… especially if some of them are permissioned and managed by a single entity. But the main chain is censorship-resistant.

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It has begun :wink:

Thanks for sharing!

I found this interesting at the end of the article:

“Crypto-first features
Longer-term, we’re already thinking about how to securely enable our clients to participate in the crypto ecosystem through proof of stake and distributed governance. We look forward to partnering with our clients to bring these features to market.”

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This has Cardano written all over it :slight_smile:

it seems so …

My thoughts exactly… If I were Coinbase, I too would rather go with Cardano’s game theory-based and peer reviewed approach to POS.