Future of Cardano

Cardano has a bright future with lits of potential and innovative ideas.lt is a classic case of a great idea but the coin ADA is useless, a bad investment

So should we all just sell up now? We’d be so grateful for your wise guidance… :grin:


It is a bit like saying that USD or any foreign currency is a bad investment. People don’t use FEX for investing, they take positions either based on strategies to take advantage of informational advantage about market dynamics, or because the want to insure against possible losses related to FEX risks.

If you are speculating in currencies with a seat of the pants strategy, the traders with a real strategy are going to clean your clock. If you are not a shark, you are lunch.

The point of holding or hedging currencies is because you are using them in trade of investments. If you are just holding coins of any type and not also using the capital for investment or other purpose, you are really missing the point of these instruments.

You think Cardano has a bright future, but the base token that will be used for staking and smart contracts is useless?


Hi Stephen. Interisting writing. ADA is being used to secure the network. The network would not work without ADA. Its far away from being useless.


Yes sell bro.look at the market its a shambles

Cardano in India

But Gerry - ADA is not currency, nor financial instrument of any kind.

I suppose it depends on your definitions. The word “currrency” is often used in a much more general sense than “money” to cover tokens, badges, all sorts of things that might be flowing and tracked entities in your design.

In most distributed ledgers that are best described as “coins” in that they are intended to represent an exchange value, and has many of the typical use cases for “money” (unit of account, store of value, etc.).

If the foundation is listing ADA on exchanges to be traded with dollars, I’d say you have a form of money. Legal definitions may be different, but I’m talking about general properties of these objects. The ones particularly relevant to use cases as money are very much parallel to the situation with national currencies. It is an analogy, but probably important if the stuff is every to be used “everywhere” as people hope.


Gerry,l earned my welcome badge!!! What’s next?

Rob did you take my guidance it’s really gone since l told u to sell.

Do you have any substantial to say perhaps or should we just move on?

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Rob, a vintage macallan whisky bro. That’s my investment tip for you.

Excuse me Mr.Hendrikx we are having a pleasant conveeerrrrsation here.Why are you saying to move on ?

Yes move on. If you think that Cardano have a bright future and Ada is useless then you have to move on because you dont understand what a blockchain platform like Cardano is. You can stay if you are willing to learn. Please stop posting that nonsense.

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Excuse me,please stop posting nonsense

Excuse me,l have earnt my welcome and basic badges,just because you have trust level 2 doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do.l am going for my devotee badge.

“Cardano has a bright future with lits of potential and innovative ideas.lt is a classic case of a great idea but the coin ADA is useless, a bad investment”

This is stupidity at it’s best.
I will define it for you: Stupidity is behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement.

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