Future of Cardano

Don’t worry about unwelcoming people Stephen just enjoy the forum. There ate some good guys here.Check out Massive party thread,u will see some really good guys.

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If you ain’t got nuffing nice to say zip it

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Can you elaborate please? I’m kind of slow…

To all those who are suggesting this conversation shouldn’t continue and those responding to those that do with “tone”, could I suggest you consider what type of community we want.

While I don’t agree with the sentiments of the original post, I don’t think people should be prevented from expressing their views just because we don’t agree with them.

This project is science based which has questioning/challenging what is known as a core tenet.

That said @Stephen I would hope you can back up your claim with some reasonable evidence, rather than speculative social media posts.


You are just a pathetic liar Stephen. I dont even have a Twitter account.

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It would be much appreciated if we could keep a proper OT discussion going.

Also, posting one sentence messages in a row is considered as flooding and spammy, and not constructive/helpful to the overall discussion.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If your assessment’s from fundamental reasoning, please share.

Hehehe hawhawhaw Hahahaha ,l get it u just testing me to see if l can get my level 1 trust badge.

Lies are being spread about you in Emurgo and Cardano foundation, Cardano community.

Yes fun der mental reasoning

Oh,if you don’t mind,share my fundermental analysis. Hahahaha.OK.
Dr. Tone Bay said so.

Tone Vay, sorry .

Still not particularly scientific, as I am not sure how one person’s opinion makes something true.

Could you at least elaborate on why Tone believes this and whether any other “experts” agree?

We value evidence that others can corroborate, not speculation.

Thank you in anticipation.

I’m thinking it is past time to stop tracking this thread. I’m not even sure what the intent is with all the ambiguous word play. It is hard to read it as other than a pure troll.

Gerry that’s not very nice.Don’t you wanna come to the huge party l am organizing wen l become a ADA multimillionaire? Lots of guys do and we all getting tattoo.

I like this post Phil

Ok thanks,do you know Mishi Wannabe,she’s a stunner!

If I had any evidence of sincerity, I might be interested. Seems like pure troll fantasy to me.

The very idea of counting on another bubble so you can have a party turns me off. Yes, there probably will be other bubbles. ADA can be totally successful without any parties for speculators. In fact, I think it can prove its strength in the future and achieve a long term stable value. If it does, it will be because the users are well represented by the stakeholders and in the actual governance of the currency.

Time will tell.

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No I don’t, and don’t see how this is related to the topic discussed.
It also seems you, as well as @Gabby didn’t really follow up on my previous comments, since you’re both still replying in one liners. If you could post replies more compacted and post them altogether using the ‘@‘ to reply to people, that would be great and much appreciated. :+1:


We all gonna party Gerry and have a good time