What percent (%) of your crypto holding is Cardano?

This is my curious question of the day (please do not divulge any absolutes of actual units - like I hold 3000 ADA etc etc).

I have about 40% of my crypto investment locked in Cardano.

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I only got ADA :slight_smile:




I’m about 80% ADA. If I had more $ to invest Id probably pick up more other crypto but I wanted to put what I have into what I believe to be the best choice.


I’m at 40%.

I have 60% ADA.

I’d like to buy a little bit more, so this may increase soon.

“Buy and Hodl. There is no sell.” - Yoda


Edit: Wanted to clarify, ADA is 60% of my crypto portfolio. This is small compared to my normal retirement portfolio.


100% ADA. I never really got excited about any other cryptocurrency.


I think you got that right. @Adafans_io and @MartinMKD

One way I see Ada , is that it is like buying the land associated with a future (special commodity) mine, so that you can then sell shovels and ale to prospectors reliably. When ALL is said and done , the mine is infinite(the mine is the future), the value of being the nearby owner will be the value of being the best shovel seller!

Taken to infinity, commodities don’t pay a risk adjusted return. Will Ada … as a dao actor , really ever become a true commodity? (Like gold or land?). No. It has the ability to actively acquire value and return it. Like a combination of bond, stock, AND currency.

You look at usd bonds , they pay you an expected future return with (“supposedly”) 0 risk. This is where Ada will be in 10 years. A holder of usd bonds can always redeem them for a higher return/risk by exchanging them into venture.

Ada is arguably the biggest potential “venture” in this space.

So I am 100% as well. When the time is right to fund ventures or exercise votes, I will analyze the risk landscape then, when I have more investment power.

Me too for the moment but it’s likely that proportion will increase.


A very successful and well-known trader once said: “Diversifying is a protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you’re doing.” Of course it is from W. Buffett



I believe it is the best long term choice.

I reckon there are lots of other good choices if you are into day/swing trading.


Do I know what I’m doing? Sometimes :grin:. I would like to think I understand the tech as well or better than many. That, plus faith in the team, ethics and the tone set by CH, is what has me go all in. Let’s hope we are right. :heart:


I have about 40% in ADA

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90% right now but will lower that number by mining ETH not by selling ADA. Depends on Ouroboros release date might go 100% again at some point.

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I am not a coder and do not hold any control over the development. My understanding of the platform potential is also average compared to some folks our here. I got in because of 1) Haskell and 2) Charles / IOHk

Nothing to do with Cardano itself. It has the Lions share but there are other platforms which are doing well and I firmly believe in not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Once we come closer to staking I will increase my investment to 50% of the portfolio!


Soon, Traxia will be a good part of my portofolio - first ICO on cardano - https://t.me/traxiafoundation


Liqease/Traxia are here - http://cardanoroadmap.com/ so its rather official i would say

Currently I’m holding 70% ADA, looking to add to my position when my financial situation allows it.

I’m looking to invest in an ICO on the Cardano platform, not to sure about Traxia yet, since I just started reading their whitepaper. I probably wouldn’t invest in one unless it gets some feedback from IOHK (I’m not convinced yet by emurgo and they would have to earn my trust).

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It’s a good question, I’m breaking the investing rule of all eggs in one basket with ADA. On balance, this was the only project that really got my attention. That’s not to say that I don’t think there’re other good projects out there.


I am not a professional investor nor trader, but I think the diversity is very important especially in the www (wild-wild-west :slight_smile: ) of crypto. Therefore, my

  • investment in crypto currently is only 10% of all my investments (I am going to increase it to 25% in this year, that’s the max.)
  • and 21.4% ADA of this 10% full investment.

My only favorite is ADA, but the issue w/ ADA and w/ the other cryptocurrencies is that you can not predict which one will survive, you can make some educated guess, but it does not really count.
It’s exactly like the evolution in biology, where space is the environment in which the cryptocurrencies want to survive, and as Charles Darwin well said: “It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable”. It simply means that evolution does not always follow the common sense approach (if it does at all).