(Anonymous Poll) What is the percentage of ADA allocated in your cryptocurrency portfolio? (Considering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies)

  • More than 80%
  • 60%-80%
  • 40%-59%
  • 20%-39%
  • 10%-19%
  • Less than 10%

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Partial results:

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So far, this poll indicates that more than 50% of the people in this forum are Cardano maximalists:

I invested in Cardano since 2017 and it is the largest percent in my portfolio but this (poll result) is not ok.
Everyone should diversify its portfolio :slight_smile:

  1. You’re such an early adaptor, it’s beyond words :joy:

Lol 2017 but that’s not the point here…

But :cardano: began trading on exchanges in 2017 :smiley:, it’s as early as it gets…unless you live in Japan and participated in the ICO

I was kidding obviously… :smile:

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