What are your current holding of crypto?

I recently went from 50/50 Ada and Bitcoin to 100% Ada. But after thr snapchat I might go back to 50/50


Current state of my portfolio :

48% ADA
29% BTC
11% ETH
5% NEO

and some other altcoins :stuck_out_tongue:

ETH (ADA buy order pending)
BTC (ADA buy order pending)

but i’ll be adding and holding more of all three while this correction continues to play out

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For security reasons no one should discuss their amount of holdings in any manner. Just a personal opinion and a suggestion for safety.

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Indeed, it is necessary to find out the comments and best variants to work with. But the quantity and others are not necessary. And the income will be higher.

BTC 95%
BND 3%
ETH 1%
ADA 1%

Vechain Thor 25%
Ether 25%
ADA 25%