Market value tug of war competition started! ADA VS NEO!



Recover lost ground! :slight_smile:


10 more minute maybe?


Or not, I guess I forgot ADA does not rise with btc.


Right now, ADA doesn’t rise period. :weary:


IDK, might hit 2300ish before lightning strikes. In any case, I am a hodler and now will be re-strocking in the next 48 hours.


I too am a Hodler, but still I like to see my crypto in the green, and outperforming even…


Sold 100% ADA at 3700 > Re-bought ADA at 3100 > then sold half at 2700 > Will re-buy if it touches 2300 ish or will keep away for now. From an investment standpoint in the short-term, there are better opportunities.

ADA is now roughly 20% of my portfolio from a 40% a few weeks ago - this is my absolute minimum baseline HODL.


Ive just been buying when I can and will continue to do so if it remains low. ADA is my main crypto investment (for hodl) so I’m not concerned about the short term.