ADA is definitely worth more than this amount of money. It should rise anyway

It should rise :yum::yum::yum:

Don’t be sad, just HODL what you got.:slight_smile:


I missed the first bottom, originally i made my first ADA purchase at $0.11
Thought I could have done better, but then i sat and waited and was so impressed it went to $0.69, and then it continued to $1.29.
I have watched it fall back and I have now doubled my original amount with the recent purchase at $0.15
I think it is a solid investment with the proposed PoS
and of course the team is exceptional.
I am not making investment advice, but just relating my experience watching it climb from when I first got in, to now, and I look forward to the ride ahead for the next year or two.
Generation 3 is a requirement, will take time to get widespread use but with a solid team and platform I don’t think investing what you can afford to lose in ADA is a bad idea.

April fool! :smile: