Let’s celebrate for our victory today!



“You win!”
“Flawless victory!”


We have passed Dash!


And IOTA too.


This is Great!!!


Wow, is there any way to buy more ADA peer to peer off each other ?


Are you seriously people,happy for that,im not i hope it will come to 0.12 to buy more,im holder not poser,please be normal and dont post this crap,What victory and celebration?typical pumpers


Yeah, you are right. :neutral_face: Tokens getting too expensive too quickly is no good. If it comes back down to 0.12 I would be buying hard.

But you have got to admire the absurdity of the situation. :laughing:

Also, to be considered for listing on more exchanges, it helps to have volume.

Oh look! We top as most traded on Bittrex!


If your a holder just buy at 0.5 where its at currently. Dreaming of it going to 0.12 is pretty comical.


I feel sad because I bought at $ 0.56 :scream:


Why sad? It should easily reach $1+ by next near…

Just HODL and don’t panic if price drops. You should be happy for getting in at an early stage… Project and Coin is still just beginning.