Trading ADA --> 101

Hi to all.
Am planning to trade some small amount of ada to some other coin.
Hopefully this other coin should jump some 200% in next 7 days.
Then i would buy ADA again.


  • how much can someone relay on forecast sites like walletinvestor or coindar ?
  • am using binance as main exchange but it looks like that binance isnt holding much of coins.
    How can i transfer some coins to another exchange ( coinexchange/yobit )
  • how is it passible that some coin has 0$ od market cap, but it’s still listed on exchanges ?
  • when you trade, do you trade on daily / weekly or monthly interval ?

Sorry for “stupid” questions but am still in learning phase :slight_smile:
BTW. I know that this is not the right place for such questions but what do you think about hexx coin ?
Some trading suggestions ?


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Good luck to you, I advise learning how trading work’s in general on more traditional platforms, and then becoming familiar with the highly obscure history of who is who in crypto before trading crypto.
Personally never used walletinvestor or coinder and never really heard of hexx, if you are going to trade start with very small amount’s so you can understand how much you lose per trade.
I know I was of no real help to you but Good Luck!

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Any input is more then welcome :slight_smile:
Am not planning to trade with some big money.
In fact i set some 50$ range and that’s it.
Am more interesting how all this works.

When i see some 200% + jump, i dont know what to think.
Can this be real or should i concentrate more on some smaller forecasts ( up to 100% ) ?

You never know what a crypto will do, I recommend that you do your own research on your investment and not rely on someone else’s forecasting what the return will be, I do not trade my ADA for any other coin, I have been involved in crypto since 2013, I would recommend that you just hold any ADA you have and do not get caught up in crypto trading, its very complicated.

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I have secured my ada in the wallet and there it will stay for at least two years.
But this 50$ i will try to invest. What are the things that you watch for when you are trading ?


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Typically the trading for ADA looks like this -currently-
When price of BTC is high it is a bad time to sell, When the Price of BTC is low it is a good to look at selling, ADA is traded against the price of the dollar although it is not paired with the dollar and has strong support above .37 so just remember when you buy and sell ADA it is not the same as buying and selling other crypto, and likewise when you buy and sell other crypto they will also have a general pattern, this was just a simple example for you.

  • don’t rely too much on this forecast, if you’re for long HODL, price shouldn’t matter much.
  • Binance should be ok for ADA and other altcoins
  • Blank, wink wink
  • if money allows, hehehe. I won’t call it trading. More of Buying then HODLing.

@anon20038177 is right, if you’ve done your research, and you’re an informed investor, easier for you to buy which investment you want to buy.

If you hold other coins, I’d trade those. If it’s Hexx you are talking about then you are trading around 120 coins for around 50 coins plus transaction fees on a maybe. I’m, I’d just throw $50 on Hexx and keep my Ada.

Binance in my humble opinion, is the best exchange site but it doesnt have the coins that i want tor buy/trade.

1.) how can i transfer coins from binance to cryptopia or yobit or coin exchange ?
Transaction fees for this transfer ?

2.) blink, wink wink
:slight_smile: coingecko. Page refresh after 5 minutes solved the problem :slight_smile:

3.) I will definitivly hold my ada for next few years but it would be great if i can earn some additional coins so i can buy some more ADA. I think that ADA will drop to 0,3 before shelly starts to pump the price…


Going with recommendation from WalletInvestor is utter crap. Their algorithm keeps shoving things sideways in the short term - like when BTC rises almost all ALTS go red.

If anything, become a part of some good trading groups which have their TA and also access to market signals (NOT pump & dump groups)

Which trading group would you suggest ?

I suggest following crypto here

high price to get the predictions from Tama but little things coming out from Stansberry you could pick up on will benefit you I think.

Shared link in private message. You can essentially search and find others…

Thanks for this summary Haskell, I think it helps newer ADA traders (like myself) understand some of the fundamentals behind the project and trading history. One question I had is in regards to the following statement you made “ADA is traded against the price of the dollar although it is not paired with the dollar”, where did you find or assume this information?

My thought was that even if ADA moved sideways from a trading perspective against BTC you’d still benefit the most by selling it when BTC is highest and the corresponding ADA/BTC price is similar. Example… ADA trading around 0.000031-ish when BTC is $10,000 per coin will be worth more if it’s still trading at the same price (0.000031) when BTC rises, lets just say to $20,000. Although ADA price didn’t increase the overall value went up because of BTC.

I assume it’s support is in fiat (not dollar exactly) as I watch the charts daily, I am far from being a trader but I see what I see on the charts everyday and every time that bitcoin goes up the USD value remains lower than the 30% increase or 10% increase that bitcoin enjoy’s, when bitcoin dips ADA rises in price against Bitcoin, it is hard for me to not assume a support around 37c cause I do not see a sat support on the charts as they come and go quicker than the milkman and only appear to be in place while bitcoin moves a little sideways but disappear just as soon as the crypto market makes a fast move.

I see, thanks for the explanation!!! Looks like it’s been trading slightly down and sideways since the big drop in January. We are now below the $0.37 to $0.33 so I’m interested to see how low it goes in SAT for buying opportunities. I keep hearing 0.0000264 SAT as a correction support level, which I THINK will be in the $0.22-$0.25 range but you are right… the “support / resistance” trading levels change with the wind so who really knows.