Is it true that Japanese has 95% of ADA

I am a holder of ADA.
and Korean.
I have a question.
Where did you get ADA? from presale or exchange market?
I heard Japanese has 95% of ADA.
but just 2% of Ada is traded on the market. and 70% of them on Upbit(Korea)
So curious why Japanese doesn’t sell ADA.
Why there is no market listed ADA in Japan yet.
Please Let me know your opinion.

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My ADA was purchased off an exchange.

The Japanese people are born holders, two decades of low-interest rates could not move them, in Cardano for the generational wealth.


If they move to sell ADA, what will happen to the market and price? This point is very serious to ADA holders.

No its not serious. Its a joke what you say… Did you think WHERE is the ada from exchanges coming from? :kissing_heart:


I bought my ADA on Exchange, I bought some at a high price and lost some Value in the last Crypto Dip, I have bought some more since to increase my holdings, if it is true only 2% of the presale is traded than I can only hope that number increases, I hope some whales dump and it is distributed to more people - and I will pick up more on a sell off, and if it goes to next to Zero i will buy as many as I can, as to why they do not sell I do not know - some of them have I think, I think some of the presale holders sell a little bit all the time, but I do not know how to look that info up myself, I didn’t know there was not a market in Japan, not really relevant though as there are multiple channels to sell on other exchanges, I have high hopes that 10 billion + coins get dumped in panic for some unknown reason and ADA goes cheaper than Doge, that would make me a very happy person, it would be very Wow to buy ADA at $0.007.
I will buy ADA in small increments until it reaches $20 and then I will start trading what I earn from staking.

I just hope the buyers of the presale begin to distribute more coins.

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The original distribution to Japanese investors and to the oversight corps amounts to about 70% of total ADA there will ever be. So, yes, I think a huge majority is “locked” by those early distributions. But to what extent, I can’t say.

I am Japanese ADA holder. I bought my ADA in presale. I think the reason many Japanese holders do not sell ADA is that many of us strongly believe the value of ADA will increase so high due to its technical capabilities. I would rather hold my ADA coins than exchanging them to JPY or to other coins.


Yes that’s right, you need to stake first -