Available ADA & Trading Volume Analysis

So this has been bugging me for a while and filnally found the time to look at the numbers -

Genesys Block distribution

As this lovely page states there are ~31B ADA available after the genesys block ADA voucher distribution.

That’s ~26B ADA in Public (Mostly Personal) Hands :

  • 94% in Japan
  • Mean Voucher value : ~11 BTC or ~6,300$ USD (Today)
  • Ironically there seems to be an error in the site where BTC & USD display the same mean value but in ADA shows 2.6M ADA, which makes no sense. (I’m taking a break from tagging admins.)

And ~5B ADA in The Faithful Hands of IOHK, CF & Emurgo

If my math is right :slight_smile:

Market Cap :

Coinmarket cap quotes average daily trading volume for the past month at 650M$, Or nearly 2B ADA at today’s rate. :frowning:

Does That Make Sense?

  • I don’t see any particular reason for IOHK, CF & Emurgo to be selling any ADA, and I do hope and believe the people they do sell to will hold on to it for a good long time.

  • I think Japan is the most advanced crypto-nation and that its people know how to hold on to good inventments (~26% of GDP saved on avreage last 10 years according to world bank)

  • If 10% (For ease of use, possibly high number) of all available ADA (3.1B) has been sold to exchanges or other trading entities that’s ~1B$ US. More than half of that trading hands in 24h, doesn’t sound likely (never been a broker though).

Then I checked where ADA was traded only to discover another* case of -
The Crypto Korean Induced Outlier

  • North of 85% of ADA Traded is for ADA/KRW (Korean Wong) pair on Upbit (Was 1B daily as @p-alik states below), and I imagine a majority of trades go mostly one way, even atm. (Guess which)

Discovered this while writing and not sure where to go from here.
2B Traded daily, Nearly all on Upbit, out of 3B ADA theoretically available.
Very strange case.
I’ll post it for now, coz that’s how awesome this forum is, and leave you with this question -

Who the Heck Are Upbit? And where do they get their ADA?

*: [I will explain - This has happened to me before with XRP, which lead to coinmarketcap finally excluding Korean exchanges from their average coin price ]

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Thanks @p-alik for finding my mistakes (too many many 0s :slight_smile: ).
Corrected post to show the right conandrum.

Please let me know if you think something else is wrong!

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