Seems to be a lot of sideways movement for ADA with steady volume. Anyone suspect an upcoming surge up?


ADA has been holding strong on Bittrex with steady volume. Anyone suspect another move upward? I’m thinking of picking up some more ADA just in case.


Maybe we can expect some downward movement but lately it kept consolidating, I don’t think it can go below the 1000 sats support level again. Maybe set up several coinwink alerts as security to make sure you won’t miss any movement


Yup, I’m using coinigy and gonna do exactly that. I’m happy to see 3 straight days of consolidation with solid volume. If something happens, I definitely don’t wanna miss it.



I am so happy to see trading volume has gone up as well as price is going up steadily. CARDANO, ADA articles on media, Chares’ interviews and so on make public aware of ADA. I hope to see ADA going on to other exchanges, and it will in this month.


thanks for pointing me to coinwink…never heard of it before…i’m gonna try it out. :+1:t5:


You’re welcome! You also have the alert feature on Blockfolio on your phone alternatively


Anyone getting the error message “You can register up to 5…” when trying to register on I have been getting this for days and it’s preventing me from creating an account.


i stopped trying after getting 2 errors/exceptions that my password was not conform their wishes (which was bs…)