Hello everyone from Bristol, England! A little advice sought

I am delighted and excited by the Cardano project and am looking forward to the journey ahead!

I seek a little advice if possible. At present with Bittrex and Binance not taking new people I am struggling a little with technical side of the other exchanges (Bitmex, Upbit and Coinnest). I have a coinnest account but the requests for my name verification are stopping me progressing - so can anyone advise what ‘upload positive’; ‘upload the back’ and ‘Upload’ are requiring me to up load? I suspect this is directly translated from Korean so any help would be gratefully received.

Bitmex and Upbit are also proving confusing to say the least…

When do we think Bittrex and Binance might be open to new users again? I have a Coinbase account and can purchase as soon as i get into and verified on a platform.

Many thanks in advance.


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I think there are many in the same predicament. If you look at the exchange volumes…

… only Coinnest has any credible volume, and you pay a significant premium. I suspect the Korean translations relate to the front and rear of your ID, and perhaps upload refers to something like the Binance requirement to upload a selfie including the front of your ID along with todays date and the exchange name written on a piece of paper?

A question though, how do you propose to get KRW onto Coinnest? They only trade an ADA/KRW pair, so it looks like you would have to deposit BTC or ETH, then sell it for KRW, then buy ADA with the KRW proceeds… quite a performance, and a lot of fees… and then you would need to jump through the same hoops again should you wish to sell it (unless BitTrex/Binance have re-opened for registrations by then).

Hello mate and welcome.
A friend managed to register on Binance this morning around 11.30 a.m. Paris time, and also last night it was open as well for something like an hour. Your best chance is to check https://www.binance.com/register.html as regularly as possible… Good luck

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Binance open…

Not here…

thanks everyone… finally got into Binance today now for the next stage.

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I use Kraken to buy ADA. They should be open for you there.