My price analysis

Hi everyone, As you all know ADA experienced an absolutely insane increase in price - and it is my passion to analyse charts! So if you were curious to understand what exactly happened step-by-step please have a read :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions or feedback - PLEASE let me know See ya all on the moon


Great article, If only we knew what the future held with such certainty!

Great Article! You should think about writing on steemit, migt get you some extra money to invest in ADA :wink:


I curious to see the new support levels.

IMO given that Bittrex was the only exchange before the recent exchange listings, we may not see that much of a correction. The influx of new demand and at the new higher prices will form new support levels. I have a feeling that the the 851 sats level pre-binance will be a new strong support level.

Great article @teddy. I got one question though. In your previous article about the Hotel in Barcelona, I fail to understand why the release of the roadmap would result in a “massive dump”. Could you please elaborate? As a rather positive news, I would have expected it to go up?

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Great topic :slight_smile:

The links says that the massive dump was due to Ada being a LONG term project, and most investors are seeking moon coins.

I don’t see any “massive dump”. All I see is BIG pump then a perfectly normal correction, and then a consolidation. It is a relatively healthy chart.

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