Some interesting BTC-ADA price action here


If ADA can break through .000005 BTC and hold these levels towards the end of the month, there may be a pull back but it looks like a good floor for a move up to .0000065 BTC and then .000009 BTC. Anyone else here who understand charts can verify what I’m seeing?


Ada’s going way higher than that my friend


Give it some time


With that said, I hope this is our new support level :slight_smile: I agree it will go way higher, but its always good to establish new support levels.


The price hike probably got something to do with their next update. I should had accumulated more when it was at the bottom. T_T
Anyway, I believe this project could give you a big surprise in the next few years.
Great team, great culture, and great network. Hopefully they make a breakthrough with their project soon.