4 entities control 31.07% of the total amount staked

I was just using pooltool and sorted the column “Live Stake” and noticed the Japanese pools have attracted large amounts of stake.

I did some calculations to see how much stake/totalstake those multi pool owners actually have

zzzz-zzz5: Total delegated: 447.6m
Stake%: 10.41%

1pct-1pct9: total delegated: 485.4
stake%: 11.29%

ktn-ktn4: total delegated: 219.3
stake%: 5.1%

japan-jp4: total delegated: 183.8
stake%: 4.27%

This percentage will probably decrease because the total amount of stake will rise, but nevertheless it is important to monitor…

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I agree with you we have to monitor such things close, but we also have to say we just released Shelley a few days ago. Some things will sort out with the time i guess :slight_smile:

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Hi Brentsk and Zyroxa,

Caveat: still new to the community and still reading and watching videos.

I’ve been reading and watching so many videos lately and I only selectively make organized notes so I am not able to recall exactly where I heard the following information. But from my understanding the initial Cardano ICO was offered exclusively in Japan. If true, wouldn’t this provide a reasonable explanation for the percentages Brentsk found in the stake pool delegations? I mean these ADA holders could probably be described as the original ADA whales and have been waiting for staking and networking together the longest.

Just the thought I had when I read this post.



That would indeed be very possible…