Earnings from staking pools from november mid. Real expecations and interface

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How much % per month I can expect to earn after delegation into pool?

Also any demo interface how it will looks like in my yoroi or daedalus wallet:

Will I see pools list and the amount of ada circulating in that pool?
How about pools safety and protection any risk to lose data after delegation into pool?



@TadCryp the earning percentage is not set yet, I think after the testnet period of Shelley is complete will be the only time that the percentage will be realized, it does seem to be leaning toward a higher return than traditional investment but there is no telling what it will be until the program is live.

I have not seen a demo myself, I would think that this will be part of the announcement when the day is set for staking on mainnet , I am not a very technically oriented and right now as I understand the tesnet it is all command line work to get your node connected to the testnet, hopefully the UI (user interface) will be simple to allow all interested in staking to be able to , its my understanding that this has been the plan for a long time.

Pools should be listed and hopefully the size of the pool is included in the listing, might need to do some due diligence as some of the pools will maintain that information on websites and the blockchain explorers available should have that info too.

Also can you tell me the different that might cause ADA price movement between 2019
testnet and the 2020 Q1 shelley? Will it be something different in staking pools?


That’s totally unpredictable. People can guess of course, but the truth is that nobody knows.

Mockups of staking-related screens in Daedalus have been published, I can’t find them right now but you can be sure ease of use is one of the top priorities.

Hi guys, can anyone please, answer my question ? …Each coin ada has the same possibility of being elected leader of slots, regardless if it is in pool A with 2 million ada or in pool B with 20 million ada, is that correct? If this is correct, then even if we divide our stake into several polls (with the same management costs) we should receive the same rewards as we bet all our stake in one poll, but decentralization would be favored.
The Ada in pool A would be elected as the leader of slots 1/10 ( average ) of the times of Ada in pool B, but would receive rewards of 10 times higher. It’s correct ? Thanks for the answers!

Yes, all you say there is basically correct. There are other factors, for instance whether all the pools are truly online 24/365, but you’re right regarding the fundamentals.

Thanks Rob !:wink:

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yes, less ada in the more greater rewards, because better shance be a leader, but how ab out pool be selected as a leader. Does any pool have greater chance to be selectedas a leader depending of amount of adas or not?

By the way, RobJF you said that it is unpredictable, but I see some ada stake pools calculations are they real or not I don’t know:

A pool with more ADA staked will be selected more often, but it’s proportional and so works out the same for the stake holder. Leaving aside complications that will generally have very minor effects, rewards are directly proportional to stake.

I was talking about ADA price, but all these calculations are based on speculation too.

ok, I also dont understand how we will be able to participate into the shelley test net next month probably. We will need to create test wallet or smth. different?

Full instructions will be made available.


yesterday was very interesting technical cardano development update:

we will have another testnet wallet where we will be able to delegate ada to the testnet, return is still not defined, but at the beginning should be hot as usual and as equal as btc on early stages where worked as POW, now it will be POS also Gogen is a parralel development so it will be launched almost the same as shelley in Q1 2020


In the recent AMA, David Esser says that rewards will be in the "upper end of the range of 6 to12 percent. Hmmm. Then, in a more recent AMA with Sebastien and Nicholas, Nicholas makes a whiteboard demonstration that includes an on the fly calculation of 50000 ada earning 5000 ada. Exactly 10%. Hmmmm. Its looking like 10% everyone!

Thats 10% in one year. The testnet will run 3 a 4 months??? something like that.
So with 50.000ADA you will have 1250-1666ADA reward depending on the duration.

10% a year? is way too really low. 10% a month or a week at least I expect.

Hahaha 10% a week, thats not realistic.
So if you start in week 1 with 50000 ADA you will have 260.000 ADA in rewards in week 52 (one year) :stuck_out_tongue: and that’s only rewards of your 50000ADA, if you add the rewards to your stake this will be a lot more :stuck_out_tongue:

how 10% a year can be incentive? 10% a year is return like everywhere else, it will not motivate people to stake ada. it must be hot at the beginning of staking and yes maybe after several years it will be 10% year. it is realistic in first years, do you know how many people made at the beginning of POW BTC? they made thousands a day from mining, here we see as mining but in POS not POW. So it is like buying rigs for 50K ada and I expect from that ‘rigs’ as much as from BTC on early days

10% a year with a few dollars per ADA is quite nice.

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The cost for stakepool hardware and keeping it running is a fraction of the cost for a BTC POW miner with 2200W-3000W running power. I don’t know if you looked into this but with a single miner you aren’t making a lot of money.

You can’t compare early days BTC mining with POS today. The guys that did this were mining with a PC processor and were getting hundreds to thousands BTC per day.

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Yup, around $100-200 for one of the RockPi devices, to be powered by a 2.5W USB supply.