Realistic Main Net Staking Rewards?

I’ve been seeing videos and reading from people to expect between 3-5% staking. As a non whale, it seems to make more sense for me to hope that Ada reaches a .50 cents or $1.00 and sell it. Why would I hang on and make $400 a year when there’s so many opportunities in crypto right now?

Does anyone have an idea on what would be realistic on the main net?

Edit: For it to be worth it with the amount of Ada I have, it would have to be worth like $4, just saying


At the end of the day my friend its your choice :vulcan_salute:

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i mean if you really belive in the project, you can accumulate free ada while staking. on the other hand you are strengthen the network. anyway i think they said we can expect like 6-6,5% rewards per year.

good luck finding that in a bank :smiley:


6 to 6.5% is what I was hoping for at least. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep on hanging in there.