What can we reasonably expect the staking rewards to be monthly?

Hi guys. Newbie here but long time ADA holder. A few questions…

1)Just curious…once the staking feature goes live, what do you all think the average MONTHLY staking rewards from pools will be? I am completely new to staking and in fact just discovered what it is yesterday. Quite a fascinating innovation, but what can we expect the monthly percentages to be? 0.5%? 1%? 2%? 5%?, etc?

2)Will the monthly percentage of the staking pool depend on the value of the coin? So if for example…Shelly gets released and we’re ADA hits $0.10, and the pools are offering around 1% monthly, can we expect that to double if ADA hits $0.20, with the percentage going to 2%?

Can’t comment on what the percentage will be. There are a few calculators around (try https://antipalos.github.io/cardano-calculator/) that give an estimate based on some assumptions, but they say they can’t be considered accurate. No level of accuracy can be given until certain system parameters such as number of pools and Sybil defence are set.

That said, rewards are paid in ADA and automatically paid at the end of each epoch (which is 5 days). What the rewards in ADA translate to in fiat will depend on where the market is at the time.

Hope that helps a little.

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Understood. Thank you sir. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Most estimates are payments will average from 3 to 5% per year. Block reward payments to pools happen at random as block producers get selected and produce blocks so that is why I said average.

There’s a simplified calculator on https://www.adatainment.com/calculator it breaks it down to months and days if you like to try it.

To be precise there are no block rewards, this is a term of proof of work. Rewards are always per epoch and they are proportional to their stake it does not matter how many blocks a pool did produce. (as long as the pool was selected at all and it produced every block it was supposed to produce)