Who to stake with...?

Hi All,
Looking forward to when my stake delegations reach their pools at the start of the next epoch.
A few questions:
Tell me about pool performance and what all the figures mean. The ranking system is nifty but I’m not sure of what it tells me.
What is the incentive to stake with anyone but the number 1?
Happy Staking

Obviously i’m going to wait until Yoroi is available and delegating to whomever has been running 100% since launch. :sweat_smile:

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So % uptime for you is key.
Any other factors that might contribute to a delegator’s choice?

ZZZ i think is a good one.

The biggest Live Stake but only 2 Lifetime Blocks…

Edit: I just saw their tweet

unexpectedly too many stakes (400 million ADA), the world’s largest pool of stakes (8 times the size of 1% of the appropriate pool assumed by IOHK!)

hey i found a good article

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who is ZZZ, is that binance ?. they sure are taking a lot of blocks for having 700 mil. ada

Its Yuta hahaha visit his website and message him on twitter, he’s very nice.