Live Stake Control Over Cardano Network Today - Stats & Visuals

Hello Fam,

Put some stake numbers & charts (click here) together.

Please, before you run with these - make sure to peer review them to establish validity - but generally - these are my subjective observations from data analysis of the current total live stake on the network. Two, seemingly, important data points come up worth thinking about expanded upon further below:

  1. total network live stake - ± 50.28% is controlled by 11 entities today

  2. top 150 (k) live stake pools - ± 50.01% is controlled by 8 entities today


This is total live stake on the Cardano network (as of November 4th, 2020):

  • ± 50.28% controlled by 11 entities

  • ± 29.91% controlled by 901 solo ops pools

  • ± 19.81% controlled by 46 remaining multi-op entities


This is total live stake for 150 largest pools grouped on Cardano network (as of November 4th, 2020):

  • ± 50.01% controlled by 8 entities

  • ± 28.27% controlled by 22 remaining multi-op entities

  • ± 21.71% controlled by 48 solo ops pools

Help me interpret these digits and start a constructive discussion on what this means for the network and the next steps ahead of us.


Shred away, share, copy, paste, analyse, scrutinise - what have you through these digits (sourced from @AdapoolsO & @PooltoolI). Curious to find out what you see per peer review.

I have NOT included associations/relays/etc. as means of further grouping operations but rather by brand/marketing and public stand available. This was done to avoid distractions from calling out who works with whom, etc. while focusing on the bigger picture. We can all fill in these blanks on our own. If you do find an error - comment in a doc direct with point of reference (or DM me) and I’ll edit.

There may be a margin of error couple % points and possible rounding issues. As well as error pool entries on the network itself.

Original Data Doc With Charts - click here

Thank you for reading. And please, I welcome you to engage in respectful debate/discussion below.



As you don’t have to identify yourself to set up a pool one of the multi pool operators could also run another 50 pools under different tag names that make them look like solo operators.

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Thank you for stopping by. Absolutely, you are right. This will be very challenging. I have few ideas but they are not quite production ready just yet.

In the (centralized) building phase there were only 3 mining pools/entities (Cardano/IOHK/Emurgo).
Now staking is live and anyone can build there own stake pool. If the saturation of a pool reaches more than 100% the rewards for minting will get lower. So the Ada holders are incentived to move to another pool. This is build in the protocol to discurage centralization and incentivise decentralization. Each Ada holder can choose where to store and stake their Ada. Like in their own wallet (Daedalus/Ledger) or on an exchange. (Currently) storing your Ada on an exchange like Binance won’t give the real Ada holder minting (stake) rewards, because the exchange technically controls the Ada (for the owner).
For example you can see the live results here: or