🍩 Cardano Donuts - Who Controls 51% Today - Live Charts, Visuals, %s

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About a week ago, I’ve put together few numbers to reflect upon where we are as a Cardano community. Namely, in terms of potential network control, etc. You can check out that original post here (click link here).

It took enough effort to pool that information together. As informative as it is - it only tells a story at one particular moment in time. Without liveliness of changes that happen on the network 24/7/365. Which is also why it became outdated so quickly.

However, the story it tells is still immensely important. The next few weeks and months are set to be the most transformative and potentially disruptive to the stake & delegation landscape. It is crucial more than ever to have a firm understanding of how these grounds are shifting underneath our feet. Not just assumptions - facts.

Hence, I am pleased to announce that I found a new home for, once static, Cardano Donuts to be hosted directly on ADApools.org website (click here). I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the coding work that went into this from Josef (creator of ADApools.org) without whom I’d be still crunching excel sheets manually each epoch. Thank you!

This is a major update as now we can track these intricate changes live. All current stake and pool size data is sourced directly from chain. While individual group tags are managed on-the-go basis. With incoming influx of new pools, whether entirely fresh or those created by existing pool operators, these changes may be reflected with a slight delay. Please, be patient.

What is also cool - you can see which part of the network is controlled by how many entities. Look for parts of these donuts that are carved out. Further, you can examine each group separately at will via clicking on group name from the list below donuts.

Help me/us interpret these digits and start a constructive discussion on what this means for the network and the next steps ahead of us. It is my sincere hope that with help of these data you are going to become ever more informed Cardano citizen. Such that can make good on the network by actions they choose.

And this is true whether you are a delegator, stake pool operator, Emurgo/CF member, or IOG scientist. We have few months left till March 2021. Let’s make sure that we are given the best chance as a community to thrive long-term by bringing correct concert of tools available as soon as possible. We get better collectively.


Shred away, share, analyse, scrutinise - what have you through these digits. Curious to find out what you see per peer review.

I have included grouping operations based on brand/marketing and public stand available. This was done to avoid distractions and focus on a big picture. If you do find potential error - feel free to DM me privately and I can look into it. I expect heavy volatility in new pool openings so will try to keep up with it. Feel free to point me in right direction though.

There may be a margin of error couple % points and possible rounding issues. As well as error pool entries on the network itself.

Thank you for reading and analysing with kind curiosity. And please, I welcome you to engage in respectful debate/discussion below.


P.S.: Stay tuned. We’re bringing more flashlights into the night! This is just a teaser.


Node has opened NODE2

And why is there 2 Mantis group?

By the way, appreciated the effort, Danny.
Good job!

Super. Great catch - must be the cross eye from looking at the numbers all days lately. Fixed. Appreciated.

I expect a lot of volatility in coming weeks as new pools are spinned up - will try to stay on top of it.

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Find groups/clusters json for your reference and needs here:


Reach out to me if you run into any errors, suggestions, comments - feel free to DM me to discuss. This is all work in progress.

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