We’re finally moving out of the 🐻 market


Could check the charts all night.


This post didn’t age well. :rofl:


This bear market could last another 6 - 18 months.
Im just going to DCA until we get above $1 USD.


Ask yourself how much adoption and usage does Cardano have so far. You are buying at a price that depends on your faith in the project getting realized to some extend. Bear market at this point is all about psychology on expectations for the future so if say suddenly many people realize there are political or economical reasons for a shift into cryptocurrency at a greater level than currently then also the psyhcological price point will move. When amazon started book selling not many believed it would corner the market. But it was simply a better model than what was currently there. You might want to ask yourself if Cardano is a better model than what is already there financially. Then ask will someone stop it from getting implemented. Then ask what are the forces trying to make sure it is implemented and how resistant (decentralized) are they to making sure change does indeed happen. And ask what is its competitors doing. These types of things are going to decide if we are in a bear market or not imho. One of the major things that the developers of Cardano can do is try to move this psychological point as it would then snowball with more adoption and more resources and more people getting into the project.

Oh and short version: I like ada cookies :slight_smile


I got into cryptocurrency toward the end of last year. Researched different coins, made a little ( very little) with litecoin. Then discovered cardano /ada. Been dollar cost averaging 2x a month for the last 6 months or so. I believe that Hoskinson prediction of it becoming a trillion dollar coin will be achieved. As for when, I’m thinking around 5 yrs or so. On the opposite end, if the whole thing goes up in flames, I don’t have so much invested that I’ll jump off a bridge, but if it does come to fruition, I believe myself and others who got in early will be very, very happy! !!!


Hi. Since the ATH according to OCFX was $1.33 would anything beliw $1. still be considered bearish? What is the cutoff point? Thanks!


I trust Charles Hoskinsons forecast as well, he verbalized more than once now that 2019 will be the best year for :ada: yet. It’s subtle, he doesn’t shout it off the rooftops…but the massage is there. Its discouraging for investors to think it’ll take five years before they make a profit. The ATH will be broken in 2019. :cardano: success was ensured the moment the research papers were complete, now we just have to wait for the rest of the world to see it.


I’ll second that! Now it’s time to do our part to help spread the word!


I don’t think it will take 5 years for investors to see profits. What I do believe is it will reach $40 per coin in 5 years! Hopefully I’m way off and it goes even higher!


Hahahaha! I get it, our individual moons depend on the size of our bags. Why not double your bags now to cut your goal in half, that’s what I’m doing. Especially since :ada: is around .06c for now. I’ll be happy once :ada: breaks 1.3 in 2019, anything above that is just a pure gift :gift::gift_heart::smiley:


I’ll take $40 no matter how big my bags get!


So would I :rofl:, but the leap of logic that goes from .06c-$40 is too great for me right now. It’s best to stay grounded. Any newcomers reading this would rightly think these people are a bit too optimistic, maybe not take them too seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you trust in Hoskinson and think ADA will be a trillion dollar coin, price will be around 20$, so from now your investment will be x333 (aprox). No words!


I’ve noticed Charles Hoskinson mention $20-$25 range in one of his videos as well, it might take a while. I feel you can’t just buy some :ada: and store it away for 5 years and forget about it. Once staking goes live, most of the :ada: used for incentives will be released within the first few years than gradually decrease. Its important to grab as much of it as you can early one, the incentives decrease as time goes on. The price of :ada: can appreciate to any denomination once there’s no more :ada: to be distributed, but that’ll take decades. Very few of us are going to stick around to see that.


I’ll be here. Unless they jail me for use of non state owned crypto currency and advocating for a decentralized internet. Hopefully by then I’ll have my Maltese citizenship and a safe house there.


Really wish I had 5k saved up for a rainy day right about now, unless prices crash further…in which case I’m glad I don’t :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:. This entire year has been a good exercise in mental fortitude :crazy_face:
grandpa where did you get your nerves of steel?

I lived through the crypto crash of 2018 my son :smoking:

Did you sell :flushed: :scream_cat:

No, I bought more :smiling_imp: #ballsofsteel


I’m very glad I believe so strongly in the fundamentals of the Cardano project. I’m also glad I’m batshit crazy.


I think if you got a plan for ADA at 0.04 0.02 and even 0.002 and speculate with what you can afford you should be in a good position if fundamentals of the project is realized. Certainly you will find few who disagree the potential is not there.


If BTC is in a bear market, and IF new highs are to come for btc, we should not expect it to bottom for at least 2 years from the first high. Thought it might not still be in a bear market, we will know very soon now. This break down will either form the low, or be the proof of bear market. Ive been waiting for this to happen, for quite some time now.

Everyone should just be focused around the project and the technology, forgot everything about price, it has no meaning for now.


indeed it was, for me too :joy: