Love Cardano, but I hope ADA prices goes down. Is that bad?


I noticed recently the price of ADA going past $2 and that makes me sad. While I believe in Cardano and I want it to succeed, I keep checking the prices everyday with the hope it went down. Is that bad thinking on my part?

I do feel guilty about that since I believe so much in the project. I just hoped it will stay under $2 a little more to have the chance to buy more ADA next month when I get my salary.

While I heard about cryptocurrencies before, only this month I really started to look deep into the subject. I started buying some Dogecoin since it was all the rage, a very small part of Bitcoin, and some ADA.

The more I read about blockchains, Cardano and Charles, the more I like it. So much that I converted all my other coins to ADA, and invested a little more money into it. I believe in it! Not to bring me riches (I doubt it will happen with my current 530 ADAs), but to change the world and make blockchain technology something more than just a way for investors to get rich quick.

Besides the goals of the project and Charles, one big win point for me is the Daedalus wallet. I hate it how all the other blockchain projects have only mobile or web apps. I just want a desktop app where I can manage my coins/wallets the way I want, and Daedalus is great.

Anyway, love Cardano, cheers!


Hello @adrianc and welcome to our forum.

Its great to hear that you have informed youself about the two technologies (Blockchain and Cryptocurrencys).

In my opinion it isnt bad in your position to hope that the price is going down. I dont want to say that the price is good or bad but the price says how much it is worth for the most people (market building principles). So its in your choice to say how much the coin is worth for you.

So but its cool that you belive into this project! :+1: You can dive deeper into this topic and even free to contribute. Feel free to be a part of this community.

Hi there,

I’m worrying the same thing.
As Hoskinson always put into focus: We need steady cost of doing business., I wonder how would he say about the ADA price, or is there any mechanism to respond this situation.

We know this has already happened to ETH and XRP,

Bonne chance,

I also hope either the price of ADA drops little bit or the fees keep dropping proportionalky to the surge in price.
In my opinion the last thing Cardano needs for wider adoption are high fees.

after it went over 1 dollar i was sad. I realized that i had to dig deeper into why i was acquiring ADA .

Im still digging a bit. buying something under a dollar is a gift, but now we must figure out why the normal human in the world would buy something over a dollar, heck 50 dollars…

There has to be a deeper meaning as to why we are attracted to ADA rather then just acquiring a cheap thing.

You can catch this dip. Think ADA will se below $2 today or this week, but then i’ll go up to allmost$3.

Same here — filled my bags during the crypto winter when ADA traded for mere cents, but there’s really no such thing as enough, is there?

Still, no point in obsessing over what might have been. We can drive only one lambo at a time anyway.

At this point I’m just enjoying the ride to a better future, and any bit of (financial) freedom my involvement buys me along the way is a nice bonus.

(though I won’t deny that was always part of my plan… there’s no rule saying idealists have to be poor :slight_smile: )

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Wish granted!..

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Yeah, now is lower than I wished for: $1.20. :thinking:

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To quote the late Cpt. E. Blackadder: “God is very quick these days.”

Still not low enough to make buying extra ADA worthwile for me, though we’re getting closer. But I’ll shut up now, just to be safe. :slight_smile:

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Are you Elon Musk’s older brother ?

The day of “the twit” it went up to $2.47, so I understand why you want it down a little haha.
The price is not a reflex of the actual value of the project itself - the market gives a monetary worth to the token, but the market cap of the Cardano project is 50+B dollars today!
Momentarily the price is having a big impact due to this Elon, China and FUD psycho dance that has shocked Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, so in your place I would take advantage of the situation and leave speculations and guilt for the non believers.

ADA 1 - USD $1.40
Now its time to rebuy.