Cardano versus NEM (I'd love some opinions/insight on this from community)

So NEM is about to drop their Catapult development on December 31st which I started looking into and was really impressed. This new development has been in the works for three years and will essentially allow NEM to do a lot of what Cardano is aiming to achieve when finished. NEM (XEM) has lost a lot of it’s support and is VERY bad at marketing and promoting itself, however that said, it is a strong blockchain with A LOT of use-cases and caters to businesses and financial institutions. What concerns me though is that with ALL that NEM has accomplished and achieved which, like I said, is what Cardano is aiming to achieve, they still haven’t secured many partnerships or business collaborations and price has seen absolutely NO increase. If Cardano is able to finally get Shelley released, smart-contract capabilities, etc. online, will they then be able to actually translate that into real partnerships and adoption? I ask because as strong a project as NEM is and with them already having achieved much of what Cardano is attempting to achieve this coming year, can Cardano do what NEM has not been able to. I sure as hell hope so. I would love to hear some opinions as to what Cardano has that NEM doesn’t and what will set them apart when complete. Up until digging into the NEM blockchain and its capabilities I had always thought that Cardano was THE most advanced blockchain project being built, but now I question what will set it apart from some of these other projects like NEM that have already got atomic (decentralized, cross-chain, trustless) swaps, complete decentralization, both public and private blockchains, multi-asset escrowed transactions, a 4-layered architecture, competitive scalability, and proven security. They aren’t a true PoS blockchain, but instead are a Proof-of-Importance chain, however they do already offer staking as well. That’s pretty a impressive list of capabilities that even Cardano would be proud of…and yet there is absolutely nobody beating down NEM’s doors to partner or use their services- this kind of concerns me. I’d love to hear the community’s opinions on this comparison and what people think Cardano will be able to do that NEM has obviously not been able to achieve even with all their accomplishments- thank you!! :wink:

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Hi, Jeremy thanks for posting.

I don’t think most of us here look at the various projects as competitive necessarily. I’m sure NEM will be fine if they stick to their roadmap.

One of the reasons I like Cardano so much is because of the team behind it. They have done a great job in engaging the academic community to contribute and help solve interesting problems. I also like their mission to bring financial services to underdeveloped nations.

Regarding how to be successful I think it’s like anything else, one needs to have good tech, a good plan, and a good story to get a loyal following. I think Cardano has all of those things.

Thanks for input D- good points.:slight_smile: