Anyone else feel like you've missed the boat on Crypto?

-I missed the boat on Bitcoin. I wasn’t paying much attention to bitcoin back in the day and didn’t have any friends that were either so I never bought any.
-I missed the boat on Ethereum. I heard about it some but had no one in my network that really brought it up.
-I missed the boat on Cardano. So many here stocked up at .02, .12, .20 cent ranges, 100k coins and up. And now I feel like I missed the boat on this one too.

Feels like now everything is near all time highs and here I am finally learning about it, late to the party while everyone else celebrates with even more money.


Thank you for the ROFL!

Ma man!


EDIT: Post flagged by the community, explanation follows: In the movie “trainning day” with denzel washington and ethan hawke the uncut version is “my nigga” which was changed to “ma man”, as “you did it”! Creators of rick and morty use the pun “ma man” too. And culturally speaking, in Portugal “black”, which means “preto”, is offensive, while “nigger” isn’t, and is often used even in the core of the “black” community. No excuse needed! cheers!

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Don’t worry my friend, u didn’t lost anything yet; Cardano has the potential to grow … 1$ it’s just the begining…
Harry up! Grab some ADA and stake them for free ADA!



Disagree entirely.

How many of your friends and family are familiar with crypto, beyond what they might have read in the mainstream press when BTC goes on a run? Institutional support (Microstrategy, Tesla, etc.) has just started. We don’t even have a crypto ETF here in the US yet.

I think we’re still quite far from widespread adoption of crypto. In the meantime, there’s plenty of opportunity.

Get stacking, and don’t worry about missing out.


Some people thought they missed the btc boat in 2018, others got on board then.
There are always decisions to be taken by yourself.


In 2008 when my son was thirteen he came to me and suggested I buy Bitcoin. He told me that it was going to be HUGE one day! He talked about it all the time for a couple of years trying to convince me until he finally gave up. He was heavily into computers, gaming, editing his Counterstrike battles and skate videos and hacking his friends so I wrote it off as kid’s stuff. I simply couldn’t wrap my head around how crypto works despite his countless failed attempts to enlighten me. Wow! Was I wrong! I admit that I kinda scoffed at the poor guy. When Bitcoin hit the $60,000 mark I felt like an idiot and an overwhelming feeling of regret punched me right in the gut. I actually called him up and apologized for not taking him seriously back then. I kick myself nearly every day for it imagining where we would be today if I had just listened to him! Never again my friends! I have ADA now. Every payday money goes into the exchange and I buy ADA on the dips. I will make it up to my son, maybe by the time he’s 30 or 40 but one day it will happen! I got on the ADA cruise ship and I will never be disembarking!


Don’t forget to delegate them for free ADA!



Imagine saying this when Bitcoin was $1. Don’t feel bad for yourself, you’re early. Just not the “earliest”, and that’s okay.

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Bitcoin is a store of value, the most pristine digital asset.

You can still put your money in.

Buy $ADA, and take a look at $VET… it is pumping at the moment, and it’s gas token, $VTHO…

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no doubt. I know $BTC will reach $500K plus one day.

As other have said we are still in the very early days of this technology. Use your time to learn as much as possible and make friends. I’m sure you will be amazed at the opportunities you find.

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I agree, you haven’t missed the boat on ADA. This is just the beginning. We have a long way ahead of us

zilliqa still 16 cents

DISAGREE totally. I have spend over a year just learning all about TA.
Now I am doing daily tradings on HOLO,Litecoin,VeChain,Bitcoin and,as my favorite coin, ADA.
The big increase still have to come and I would not suprise to show $3 or $4 somewhere this year.
So do your homework and row in the boat instead of swimming behind the boat

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I’m sure u know that u can stake ADA for rewards (~5% in long term);


Hi please explain or share link yo the materials thanks


Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. It allows ada holders that do not have the skills or desire to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegated.

yes, it is called fomo a syndrome that we all suffer from. there are tips that I am not able to give

+1 for VET!

LOL. Dude its still going to 100x from here AT LEAST over the next 10 years.