My vlog on Cardano - Check it out!

Hey guys good morning, finally finished my vlog and wanted to share it with the community!


Hello! I heard a lot about Cardano. Can anyone help me how can I invest here in the Philippines?

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I liked it, so I subscribed, will you be doing weekly videos? And will you be explaining more advanced facets of cardano?

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Hey thanks for subscribing! I try to do a video once a week but I also work full time. I am sticking to entry level info right now, as I feel like people can go elsewhere to find out more serious technicals of different projects.

Okay Alexandra. Thank you for supporting cardano and putting in the effort to make this vlog. And take care, hopefully your voice will be okay and you won’t get sick :relaxed:.

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I suggest you use this topic as a guide.

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Nice job! :clap:

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thank you!

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Saw the video before I saw this post. I hope you feel better and thanks for the insight.

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Hey @cryptocandor, I just wanted to thank you for the interview with Charles yesterday. You did a great job, it answered so many questions I had about this project. I’m more convinced than ever about the future of cardano.


Good afternoon everyone, maybe this question been asked already, but I haven’t found the answer to it. I bought cardano (ADA) through CRYPTOGO platform and so far I am happy about their services and simplicity, the only thing is - they are expensive! then ADA price was 0.19$ through that system I had to pay 0.25%, and that is a big difference if you ask me. I want to ask you guys, maybe you know other platform with great level of service but lower total fees to buy ADA? Thank you in advance.

Hi @Antanas,

Here is a quick comparison of the two most used crypto-to-crypto exchanges to buy & trade ADA for english speakers, Bittrex and Binance:

FREE DEPOSITS on both exchanges (apart from the inevitable network fees). You can’t trade ADA against USD yet, only against ETH and BTC, which means you have to buy your ETH and BTC on another platform before sending them to Bittrex/Binance and convert them to ADA:

Bittrex : 0.25% commission per trade
Binance: 0.1% commission per trade (0.05% when you own BNB, the Binance token)

Bittrex: Free, but there is a network transfer fee built into the coin
Binance: Depends on coins + network transfer fee as well (1 ADA and a minimum of 4 ADA to withdraw)

Bittrex: Enhanced account can take up to several weeks ( you cannot withdraw with a Basic Account)
BInance: No registration needed up to 2 BTC threshold deposit/withdrawal

Useful: Since yesterday 22 March 2018, Binance has released a native MacOS X app


Thank you so much CosmosX, I will consider Binance for my future crypto purchases.
One more question: once I will receive my ADA from cryptogo platform to my Daedalus wallet, can I feel free from that platform and connect this ADA with future ADA which I will buy on Binance platform? sorry if my questions sounds funny, still trying to figure out how the system works. Thank you in advance.

You’re welcome.
I am not sure I understood your question correctly, but if you’re asking if you can accumulate ADA from different exchanges and send them to your Daedalus, yes of course you can!

I wrote it in a confused way, I am sorry. What I want to ask is: once I purchase ADA in one platform and its been forwarded to my Daedalus, am I free to transfer it to other platforms (such as Binance or others) without any further financial obligations to previous platform?

No problem. Of course you can, you have no obligations! :slight_smile:

Can I keep other than ADA cryptocurrencies in my Daedalus (Bitcoin, Litcoin And other)?
Which platform would you recommend to buy Bitcoin for fiat money (lowest charge, safe, secure)?

At the moment, no you can’t store other cryptos than ADA but in the future Daedalus will have this feature (more likely in 2019).

To buy ADA, I would recommend Ethereum instead of Bitcoin (faster and cheaper), even though I haven’t traded BTC for a while. It seems that BTC is less congested than before.

Coinbase (US-UK), Bitstamp (Lux), GDAX (US), Gemini (US), Bitpanda (Austria), Bitit (FRA) are one of the few… It can take a while to get verified (few days - few weeks) on those depending on your country of origin / luck. The first 4 are relatively speaking considered safe, the last 2 are more recent. If you’re in the SEPA zone, I would recommend Bitstamp or Coinbase UK (or even Bitit but never tried them).

Regarding fees, it’s a big topic and it depends on a lot of factors (coins, volume etc…) depending on the exchange. Here are some useful links:

It can be useful to have accounts on several platforms in case you can’t trade on your favorite for X reason (hack, maintenance etc…)


Thank you. I live in United Arab Emirates and Coinbase is not working here. Do you know in which countries are working Bitstamp, Gemini, GDAX?
In United Arab Emirates are offered platforms named 24option, Etoro, Fintech Trade, but I am afraid their fees will be incomparably higher.

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I honestly don’t know about that I guess you would have to try to register.

But I just found that BitPado ( is the dedicated platform for Middle-East, Africa and Asia. There is also Palmex.
Here is the article where I found that info which might be of interest for you

Let me know what worked out best for your case!!

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