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Thanks, @DaCooz! I believe this article is where I first read about Cardano, although I was probably led here by some other newsletter or article. I bought my first coins day before yesterday, downloaded the wallet and transferred coins from Binance. I am actually brand new to cryptos, and my initial purchases and wallets have been more just to get experience in the logistics of buying and owning. I just joined the Cardano forum today and am excited to learn more about Cardano and all things crypto. I want to become an intelligent and effective, and wealthy, crypto investor! :wink:


Welcome to the forum!! We’re all pretty excited about Cardanos future!! :grin:


@Ninah, wow, your description of how you bought your coins seems without the stress and time it has taken me to do so. It’s also a concern I have for anyone new wanting to invest and being discouraged and walking away from Cardano.

My experience, had to apply to Binance 3 seperate times (at least 2 months) before they accepted me.
Since then, having to purchase Bitcoin or Eth (which takes an average of 7 days to clear trade) to then transfer over to Binance and purchase Cardano. I still cant upload Daeleus as well.

If the developers are going to work on anything, it should be a more streamlined approach to be able to purchase ADA. Otherwise we will not get the kind of purchasing bump the coin needs to go higher.

PS, I own 7,000 coins to date.

Don’t know exactly what you mean by that but if you need technical support you should look at the Daedalus FAQ and/or start a new topic in giving as much detail as you can.

A great deal of this is due to third parties, for instance nothing can be done about exchanges’ sign-up procedures, and little or no influence can be put on them to list coin/fiat pairs that they view as insufficiently profitable.

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@Swifty714, that’s a bummer your experience was so difficult. Guess I was one of the luckier ones. I think also it went more smoothly for me because I had already gone through a similar process to buy Ripple (XRP), where I had first to buy Bitcoin or Ether with USD, wait the 7-10 days for funds to clear, then transfer BTC to Binance (after signing up for it), and then purchasing ADA. I have since downloaded the Daeleus Wallet and transferred my ADA to that wallet. Again, I found it to be a relatively easy, straightforward process. I guess if it were any easier, a lot more people would be buying, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I’m still new at all this, but there certainly is a fairly challenging learning curve. I think once people learn and get more used to the process, we will see more purchases and trading.

I concur with this statement.