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Will do my research and will share my experience. Thank you CosmosX, you been extremely helpful!

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You’re welcome!!

What is Wallet Address and where can I find it? I have download Daedalus to my computer, but cannot find it’s address which I am required to share with crypto.go platform for them transfer my ADA to my wallet. Please advice

Once you’ve downloaded Daedalus, you need to launch it and wait a few hours so that it can download the entire Cardano Blockchain. Don’t worry, it’s just the first time.

After a few hours, you will be given the possibility to create your own wallet, carefully write down your Recovery Seed ( the secret list of 12 words) on a sheet of paper and store it somewhere safe ( and do a back up of it). This list of words IS your money, your coins are not stored on your computer or on your Daedalus but on the blockchain. Daedalus is just a way to encrypt the access to it :slight_smile:

Once in your wallet, you will see several tabs (Summary, Send, Receive, Transactions, Settings). What you are looking for is in the “Receive” tab. Click on “Generate a New Address” and copy it.

=> Paste this address on Crypto.go. Carefully triple-check that you have pasted the same address on crypto.go as the one you’ve copied on Daedalus. Always assume that a malware on your computer can change this address into a hacker’s address.

I know I am a bit paranoid, but it is good practice to triple check. To build confidence and depending on your fees, you can send first only a few ADAs to your Daedalus address, then send the rest :slight_smile:

Good luck!

P.S.: The more regularly you open Daedalus, the shorter it will take for Daedalus to sync up blocks and save the latest blockchain on your computer ( the transactions that have occurred on the blockchain while your Daedalus was not running)


Thank you! I had no clue what malware can do even this :o from now will always check it, thank you so much!
Btw, maybe you know when Cardano will be selling directly for fiat money? and why it is still not happening? (maybe there is a link to literature where I could educate myself more to avoid some basic questions)?

Regarding a ADA-FIAT pair, I have no idea, but it is safe to say that it won’t happen before the Shelley Era (Q2 2018), the start of decentralisation. I would be very surprised if it did.

Binance has announced more fiat pairs in the near future (see The only exchange with a ADA-FIAT pair for now is the South Korean UpBit (to KRW).

My opinion is that the second half of the year will be more likely to see it happen when the network is decentralised, and can absorb a new influx of users (new exchanges, new pairs etc…)

I don’t really have any links for the basic questions, apart for the cardanowiki some of us have been working on!
It’s just a start. You’re welcome to contribute!


That was great @cryptocandor! I gave your page a like. I found it very informative, even though it is just the basic overview. It will be my go to vid for when newbies ask me what Cardano is all about. Charles always does a great job but, sometimes too in depth for someone just getting the initial scoop, and your easier on the the eye’s. :grin: Thanks for the contribution! Kick that cold.

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Thank you for the opsec tip on the malware. Through reloading on binance again and again i have almost memorized the “receive” address i currently have.

Do you have a guide on general opsec tips that you have created?

Hi John,

I found and shared here this youtube video a few weeks ago explaining 3 ways hackers do to steal your stuff. There are some useful tips inside that might interest you (for example, pasting the address on a blank sheet of paper or a notepad, instead of straight on the destination field etc…)

Also the first and top answer on this thread (written by someone working at a famous 3 letters agency) is also worth reading to learn how to check if your computer is compromised (it’s windows but similar on mac)


Great video thank you, I have seen your videos before on youtube and I think you have a great channel, keep up the good work.

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Thanks John, but it is not my videos I wish I was this smart, I only shared it here on this forum :slight_smile:

Well thanks for sharing.

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Traxia - new Cardano project, what are your thoughts on that? How it will be different than ADA? Are they competing currencies? Through which platforms it will be possible to buy/sell Traxia for ADA? Reading white paper on Traxia right now, but still need more simple explanation. Thank you

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Good morning everyone. Please do advice, what is the quickest and cheapest platform to change Ethereum (or Bitcoin) to fiat currency? How long takes the procedure?
I believe this information will be handful for a lot of investment beginners, just like me.
Thank you in advance.

Traxia will be a token working on the Cardano blockchain…not a competing one.
For example: Tron and EOS are tokens that run in the Ethereum blockchain. As of right now two exchanges will be listing TMT…you probably can find answers to most of your questions here:

In the US, I use Coinbase…since my account has been “verified” and have been using for a while, I can buy ETH and BTC “instantly” from my checking account, but sometimes it takes a week for the coin(s) to hit my balance. I have yet to do the reverse (crypto to fiat)

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You could start a new topic to ask that question in the Meetup category, even if you don’t want to organize a meetup yourself.