Hi from Lisbon, Portugal

Hi to everyone here. Just been researching the Cardano project. Very excited about this. I’m an IT sys admin turned content writer and cryptocurrency investor. I first got interested in cryptocurrency about 5 years ago with Bitcoin and Litecoin. Since then also got into crypto currency as a trader/investor, also running my own nodes from time to time.

I’ve gradually become aware of the limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum and other me-too currencies and systems. There’s a need for a much better and high-specification blockchain network to create a proper smart currency rather than the clunky stuff we live with today.

Going beyond the high-spec back-end, the currency needs to be user-friendly at the front-end. Most of the current systems are user-wise too geek-oriented and difficult to use for ordinary people. Hopefully Cardano will meet these requirements. I wish the project good luck!


Welcome to the forum @AdaFan :slight_smile:

Looks like you found a contender.

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Welcome @AdaFan to the forum
Are you from Lisbon ?

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I’ve moved recently to Lisbon. Staying here long term. Before that I lived many years in Germany. Come from England originally.

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Hello back to you from Canada! Welcome to the forum and hoping you will stay and be part of this great community. Wow, nice to know you have been in the crypto world for 5 years. As an investor, i only wished i was aware that long ago.
As for Cardano, we are all hopeful and excited like you :slight_smile: All the best and wish you the best of luck too!


Welcome to Lisbon … enjoy the city and maybe we could think about Cardano meetup in Lisbon

hi CryptoFox,

well I just realized its more like 7 or 8 years since I first got involved. That was when I heard about Bitcoin. I knew next to nothing about it and hardly knew the difference between a public and private key - though being an IT guy I guessed it was something to do with security encryption. I was given some BTC by someone, back then the price was in cents or thereabouts. A little while later I did some short term trading, in Bitcoin and Litecoin, the BTC price doubled at the time and then collapsed. I got out just in time. I then left it and went back a few years later. This time much more intensively, also set up a couple of nodes and tried some simple mining (not Bitcoin), but soon gave up as there was no money in it with consumer PC.

I only wish I had kept the BTC I was given 8 years ago, it would be worth a fortune today. Not going to make the same mistake with ADA!

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Thanks ishleh, a Cardano meetup in Lisbon would be a good idea, if we could build a critical mass of people interested to make it worthwhile.

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