What was the turning point for you that have turned you to the Cardano side? Why do you believe in ADA or even invest in it? Share your incentives and thoughts :relaxed: :pray:


Because I believe it will mean our generation can leave this earth with a tiny bit better world than when we started out for our kids. We can achieve to bank the unbankable, decentralize not only knowledge (internet) but also governance (computational democracies) and we can reset the economy giving a new generation hope and opportunities. Cardano with its rigorous scientific approach is currently the best shot at this we got in my opinion and will at least achieve to spread knowledge and further the field towards such lofty goals.


It is a smart idea, thought of by smart people, built by a smart group of individuals that are approaching it’s development, intelligently.

I was too late for BTC. Ethereum’s dapps remind me of the early design elements of webpages in 1995.

I like that along with the coin. ADA, and Cardano pay homage and respect to Giants that have let other climb upon their shoulders to see farther than other.

Now only if Hedy lamarr would get more recognition.

It’s just a good thing to support, invest in, and try to build and engineer so that it can be viewed as something that is just a great thing, that does great things.

“Let’s Go Emurgo” “IOHK leads the Way” aaand …The Cardano Foundation, cryptos digital Free Mason’s. Jk.

(Pausing the word play for now.
if you think of the evolution of currency. It basically went somewhere along the forms of: Hide leathers, Gems, Gold and Silver ingots, coins, bills and coins, checks, plastic cards, and now digital.).


Great and very insightful feedback! Thank you for sharing with us! :clap:

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It’s awesome to hear from you! I like your vision of things!

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My turning point was Charles Hoslinson’s whiteboard video. I listened carefully to his vision and I couldn’t shake this feeling that Cardano will turn into something huge.

To this day, I have yet to find a crypto project that matches Cardano’s ambition, caliber of talent and the clarity of purpose. I am equally impressed by Cardano’s meticulousness. They are building a serious system—something that will change the world.


The turning point for me came the moment after I saw Charles interviewed. I have been following him now for the five months since that moment (and spending every spare dollar buying ADA). To me Charles possesses the qualities that make a great leader, and a great person. I do see quite clearly a future where the entire world will recognize his greatness.

I feel confident in Cardanos future because I believe that truth and transparency will win out in the end.


I saw Charles Hoskinson’s whiteboard video and I’ve been following Cardano ever since.


Because I belive Cardano is going to take over the financial martket, first in third world countries and after that it will become on of main financial platforms worldwide! Yep I said that!

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Why i am all in on ada,
1.charles h.
2.team scientist acadamics staff
4 strong roadmap
5.not bringing out when its not 1000% working,
On its wallet(other coins do that)
6.To destroy eth and vitalik b team
7.undervalued coin.


thank you for such explanation! it’s marvelous!

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Why are you here?

Is the enthusiasm shown in the community being recognized? Is anything being done to foster this enthusiasm?

It should really be a Cardano employee engaging in this conversation, but any interaction with the trinity is better than none.