On a mission to not miss out this time

I realised it would be creepy to just go on reading the forums and not saying hi.


Here’s the abridged version of why I’m here:

About seven years ago when I was but a wee intern, my co-workers at the time were buying BTC and encouraging me to get involved. I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t afford to, but I remember being intrigued by the concept of cryptos.

I forgot about it for years and then the boom happened, at which point my lovely wife told me their friend had become a billionaire overnight. Turns out it was someone on the ETH team.

Annoyingly, aforementioned wifey had been tipped off by said friend and told to buy ETH themselves. Wife doesn’t believe in crypto (refuses to learn about it - stubborn) - so didn’t.

Now, I could’ve been cool with them not tipping me off if she hadn’t then tipped off another of our friends, without saying anything to me. I only found out when they came over for dinner and thanked her for helping them make a fortune.

After a huge argument about cryptos and why blockchain is not necessarily a force for evil - I resolved to not miss out again if there were ever another crypto project that seemed to be building towards genuine scalability and adoption.

And so that led me to Cardano.

I hold some ADA - I’m not convinced I’ll make a fortune, although I am convinced that the potential for ADA to change lives - especially for the unbanked world is huge. I also believe that economically speaking, the development of African nations on their own terms is a huge step towards global peace and prosperity - so the smart money is in supporting that (the African projects are the things that give me most optimism about Cardano’s future).

So yea - that’s that.

I’m Zaber.


Made me smile.

Thanks for posting it @Zaber


Welcome Zaber! I hope for all of our sake the third time is the charm!


Welcome Zaber!

It sounds like your head is in the right place and you have good intensions. I think Cardano’s community holds a solid moral compass. My hope is that we can do great things to help the world and be privy to fruitful financial gains all at the same time. Please continue to contribute where you can, but no worries if you lurk as well… We’re just happy to have you!


Welcome to the forum @Zaber! Great intro!

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Welcome Zaber, good story, sounds like something off Netflix, I was hoping someone was going to get knocked off or something :grinning:. Anyway, if you did wish to continue with it, I’m sure you’d have a willing audience :+1:

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Hello and Welcome to the Cardano community and Forum! Good Stuff! All the best :slight_smile:

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سلام خوبید

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Very cool! Welcome :smiley:

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