Cardano London Blockchain Talk by Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK


With help from the Blockchain society at London School of Economics we have arranged a London Meetup where Charles Hoskinson will be speaking. The event is on Tuesday, there is limited capacity and we apologise for the short notice but we hope you can join us!

If you can’t make it or don’t manage to get a ticket we also have the monthly Cardano Foundation London Meetup on Wednesday 28th Feb!


Excellent! Any chance it will be recorded/filmed and published for mass consumption?


Yes, would love for it to be recorded and published on YouTube or something.


@CryptoGambler @pemitilley I have some good news…

We are intending to record it :smiley: :movie_camera:


Great to listen to Charles speak about Cardano in London. Will be attending.


@cf_jonmoss Can you say whether the meeting tomorrow (Friday) in Edinburgh will be recorded? (I live quite close by but unfortunately can’t make it.)


@cf_tom.kelly Very excited to be attending - two great Cardano events in London back-to-back - you need to keep this up!


Hi @RobJF Robin - sorry for the late reply - I was away for the past few days. Not sure whether it was recorded - worth checking the IOHK Twitter feed… :slight_smile:


Not sure if you found it @RobJF already, but I think you’re looking for this:


That’s it, thanks very much.


Did the 2/20 talk get recorded? :smiley:


really interesting talk by Charles Hoskinson, he is passionate, knowldgeable and down to earth. Thanks @cf_tom.kelly and the team for the organisation.
where can we ask further questions to Charles?

I ll see you all next week!


Yes, it did get recorded.
We will post a link to yesterday’s talk once the video is ready :smiley:


Here you go.


Thank you @werkof! I was looking for this as well :sunglasses:.