02.02.2018 - Cardano Foundation Newsletter


We hope you have all had a great couple of weeks since our last newsletter. Below we are pleased to share with you the latest Cardano news and highlights from the past two weeks.

Cardano Foundation enlist FP Complete for independent 3rd party audit of Cardano blockchain


Cardano Foundation are delighted to have appointed FP Complete, an IT engineering specialist, to provide an independent audit of the engineering work completed by the Cardano development team, IOHK.

The firm will also complete a review of Cardano’s technical documentation and operating procedures, enabling IOHK to use this ongoing work to optimize the engineering methods, tools, and coding standards used to implement Cardano.

This approach to development is unique and demonstrates Cardano’s commitment to innovation and technical rigour.

You can read more in our forum post.

IOHK roadmap update coming on 5th Feb


IOHK will be updating the roadmap on Monday February 5th. To view the roadmap and countdown clock to the release, you can head to www.cardanoroadmap.com.

The first official London Meetup

Our first official meetup of 2018 took place in London last week with an international cast of community members attending, including representatives from Emurgo and IOHK and of course the hosts, Cardano Foundation. It was a great opportunity to meet people we have spoken to online and also hear what you, the community, are looking for in future meetups. We will be announcing news about the next meetup very soon!

Read the full report and learn about our future plans in our forum post.

Meetups around the world

We are seeing a huge number of Cardano meetups springing up around the world. We are very keen to support these by promoting them on our social channels and where possible, attending.

If you are holding a meetup, please email us at info@cardanofoundation.org and let us know about your event.

If you are in San Francisco, there is the first Cardano meetup taking place on the 1st February - there is a waiting list for the first event, but well worth joining the group here if you are nearby.

If you are in Vancouver, then they have their first Cardano meetup on the 5th February - you can register by going here.

And if you are on the east coast of the US in New York, then they also have a meetup group and soon will be announcing details of their first event. Click here to join the group!


Sounds good to me, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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