Cardano Lisbon Meetup #1

Cardano Lisbon Meetup #1

Date & time: February 5th, 2023
From 19.00 UTC to 23.00 UTC
Location: The Art Inn Lisbon - Rooftop
R. 1º de Dezembro 31, 1200-357 Lisboa, Portugal
Event Organizers: ( Catalyst Swarm ) represented in this initiative by: Felix Weber and Judith Williams

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On Saturday February 4th 2023 (7pm UTC) the first small in-person Cardano community meetup was held in the center of Lisbon. This was a first test event to get an overview of the Cardano community that is currently physically based in the city and to see if there is a general interest of the community to meet up and connect on a regular basis.

This event was advertised on Meetup and on the Cardano Telegram group 7 days ahead of the event.

The meetup was held at the rooftop of the The Art Inn Hotel in the vibrant city center of Lisbon. Throughout the evening around 35 people joined the meetup, a diverse group of both, experienced community members and those new to the ecosystem. Many new connections and friendships were made, deep and meaningful discussions emerged and several people were guided to resources or contacts to help them with their current challenges.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and attendees were free to mingle, network, and engage in discussions about all things Cardano. The evening was made even more special with live musical entertainment, adding even more unique personality to the already vibrant atmosphere.

The discussions took place in small groups, and attendees were free to exchange ideas and insights on various topics related to Cardano, such as Smart Contracts, Cardano Stable coins, Governance, Catalyst and in general all-things Cardano.

The event was held between 7pm and 11pm and at the end of the evening, there was consensus that physical meetups and events are important to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the Caradno ecosystem and that regular effort should be made to physically bring the community together in Lisbon.

This first Cardano Lisbon Meetup was a celebration of the community, and a reminder of the importance of connection in the blockchain space. It was an exciting, fun and productive gathering of like-minded individuals who came together to connect, share their knowledge, and celebrate their shared passion for Cardano. Community-driven events such as the Cardano Lisbon Meetup hold immense value for the Cardano ecosystem as they lead to the growth and development of new solutions and innovations as well as increase the visibility and reach of the Cardano Community, attracting new members and further driving growth.

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Purpose/Mission of the Cardano Lisbon Meetup:

To grow, nurture and strengthen the Cardano community based in Lisbon/Portugal

To connect people to valuable resources in the Cardano ecosystem

To connect people with other Cardano enthusiasts, builders, mentors

To onboard newcomers to the Cardano ecosystem

To offer a safe space for like minded people to share their personal thoughts, beliefs and visions with each other

To brainstorm, ideate and create new concepts, systems and innovations that can help grow and develop the Cardano ecosystem

To build lasting, meaningful in-person relationships

Vision for Future Cardano Lisbon Meetups:

  • Scale the meetup and grow the Cardano community in Lisbon
  • Increase marketing outreach to more channels (Discord, Twitter, WEB3 Telegram Groups, WEB3 WhatsApp Groups, Relevant local Facebook Groups)
  • Setting up Meetup progress/evolution documentation
  • Initiate collaborations with other already existing Web3 & DLT Meetup in Lisbon

Great to see there is an active Cardano community in Lisbon, looking forward to the next one!

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Thank you @Felix_Weber, for the wonderful update, and congratulations on hosting this great meetup. It’s always lovely to see Cardano community members meeting in person, and I think you and the attendees agree on this :smiley:


hell ye, deeply agree on that :slight_smile:
One nice thing, asked a bit around for what kind of topics folks would like to see or discuss at these meetups… seems that Governance might be a topic ^^

Would love to give it a try soon and having a meetup / Gov workshop