The First Cardano Meetup In Wales

OYSTR Pool is arranging the first Cardano meetup in Wales.

It will be held in Swansea on September 9th. The venue is to be confirmed.

Please join the meetup group and add yourself as an attendee of the event if you wish to come.

More details will be released on in due course.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!


The first Cardano meetup in Wales happened as planned on Sat 9th September.

It was a great event, I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next one. I loved that I could connect with more people in real life and have conversations about Cardano face to face.

The turnout was great,16 people which is pretty good for South Wales. There was a good mix of people, four SPOs, two NFT artists, ada holders and enthusiasts.

Everyone said they had a great time and would surely come to the next one. For most people the most important thing was connecting with other people involved in Cardano in real life for the first time. Comments such as ‘I thought I was the only one around here’ were quite common. People also said that it was great that they could have conversations about the ecosystem face to face as it seemed more real and trustworthy.

As this was the first event is was kept pretty open and informal. However, as suggested in advance there were conversations on Catalyst, staking, security, NFTs, the current state and future of DeFi, people’s journeys into Cardano etc.

There was also a giveaway section where everyone received NFTs that were kindly donated by various artists and projects and also hoodies and t-shirts from a very well known Cardano metaverse project.

Everyone also received the official NFT to mark the first meetup in Wales and there was also a framed print to be won. Pics have been sent to as suggested on the cardano forum meetup guidelines.

Although the meet was scheduled for 2pm to 5pm I was still having conversations with a small group until after 10pm. A number of people weren’t able to come so I think the next meetup will be bigger.


Great to hear the first meetup was a huge success! Thank you for hosting it :cardano:

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