Cardano Blockchain PortHarcourt Meetup 28th July 2018



Last week we held the first official Cardano meetup of 2018 in PortHarcourt, Rivers State. We had an incredible response to the meetup. We had experts coming from other states despite a limited sensitization on cryptocurrency, there was a great turn out from the local community. We had team members from Lagos and other surrounding regions who participated in the event.

Since this was our first meeting we spent time talking to everyone as well as getting to know ourselves, we also decided on a road map for our future meetings.

We were interested in getting feedback from the community. The community is varied in terms of education,knowledge base and specific interests.

Some of our goals as a community will be:

To raise Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness around and beyond our region.

Provide an environment to learn more about cardano.

Identification of Possible use cases for the underlying technology and spur innovative startups in that direction.

The opportunity to socialize, meet people you connect with online and new members of the community.

We are looking forward to hosting our meetups in larger centers as the turnout is encouraging.

here is our meetup group


AWESOME! I wish I was there!


Hello and welcome @Joshua :slight_smile:

Thanks for the terrific write-up and it was a pleasure speaking with you too.

Best wishes,



thank you!


awesome! you guys gonna be the future!!


aww thank you @Mihori


Thank you @Joshua and thank you Cardano. The meetup has been greet, will be making my first purchase soon.


I had such an amazing time during the meet up and I can safely say that I was greatly imparted -knowledge based- on blockchain tech…in it simplicity… Thank you Cardona!!! You rock!!!:raised_hands:


Cardano rocks !!!


yeah baby!!!
thanks for coming


thanks for coming bro, you rock!


You’re a champ! thanks for making yourself available


Great job to see my African brothers and sisters embracing a nascent technology. Blockchain is the future and Cardano is building a great ecosystem. I’m from Monrovia, Liberia. However, thanks to the noble Nigerian soldiers who fought, and died to enforce peace during the Liberian civil war, I’m now a software developer in South Florida. Blockchain has the potential to positively transform African political systems, financial systems, copy rights, etc. You guys will do great things if you stay united and work hard. I will try to keep in touch with this meetup. Bravo!!


Hey brother, thanks for the kind words, we will keep up with this course until we saturate the whole nation. It has come to stay and we are committed to making an impact.


my dad was actually in Liberia in 2005 for the United Nation Mission in Liberia(UNMIL) thank God for the peace in that Naton now. blockchain for Africa…we will rise


We appreciate your kind thoughts, thanks for your support.




Awesome. :grinning:


I hope next at papua


Nice 1 Josh. Making it big time