Cardano Ambassadors? Cardano Community Champions!

There has been some recent arguments regarding various expectations for Cardano Ambassadors.

What has become clear very fast that there are really different interpretations regarding the title and corresponding role.

One Ambassador said it´s just a “tag on his Forum profile”, while another mentioned “Ambassadors represent the Cardano Community, us” or “we work on some really big & serious things in the background”.

The title, roles & responsibilities and expectations has to be all aligned. Naturally.

Anonimity was a perfect example for this. On one end of the spectrum (if it´s only to indicate someone has exceptional contribution to the Community) it might be acceptable, while on the other end of the spectrum (people who go out and represent the Community and the Cardano Brand) it´s maybe not acceptable.

Why this issue has materialized comes from the title itself, as “Ambassador” “the phrase is used for high-profile non-diplomatic representatives of various entities” according to Wikipedia, and well generally common sense & experience whenever you hear the phrase in any context.

However if we look into the definition of the Ambassadors of Cardano by the Community Management Team they define it as “community members who have contributed good work to the community”, so there is no part about any sort of “representation”.

I think this is creating the conflict here, that an Ambassador title implies some sort of high-profile representation, while the Community Management definition of it doesn´t.

In this context when some of us @knysna @Adam_Parish started to challenge whether anonimity should be accepted or not, I believe we did this in the traditional interpretation of Ambassdorship. But please note that probably most of our Community and everyone outside (media, trolls, other crypto Communities, etc.) of the Community will likely have this very logical interpretation of the title (or at least be split around the spectrum like us).

I was also claiming that Ambassadors should be role models, they need very strong ethical & moral standing and even that the Community has to consent about nominating this title. I was also claiming that a background check is needed (especially the digital footprint) to make sure no Ambassador is related to any radical political group, has nothing controversy or inappropriate associated to them, which would make them non compliant. I did all this in the context of the traditional Ambassadorship interpretation.

I believe the phrase is just not very well chosen (another indication of the weak Community Management Team).

If there is really no Cardano representation nature to this role, then maybe Cardano Community Champion should have been a much better choice and I suggest this rebradning. This new title does also have the same level of sexyness, but makes it very clear what the role is about.

This would allow to introduce the Cardano Ambassador later for the representation context, which I think is very important one, that shouldn´t be squandered now.

Of course you could always have CCCs become Cardano Ambassadors, it´s not an exclusive role, but there should be different standards IMO and non-anonymity is just one of them. Also gender equality, diversity and other key factors come into play for such a representation role.

@maki.mukai @lei.hao @tom.kelly what do you think?



Thanks for this really factual presentation of your opinion to the ambassador program. I didn’t even consider to see the word “ambassador” in the conventional meaning. It’s like always: Different people with different background have completely different perceptions of the same thing.

Just one note: I really like the work of the Chaos Computer Club so I would propose not to steal their abbreviation.


I didn’t know such a club exists, but now will look immediately up! :slight_smile:

The Chaos Computer Club ( CCC ) is Europe’s largest association of hackers with 7,700 registered members." Yes, let´s not steal this :)))))
Logo CCC.svg\ 225x164

Then have some breathtaking youtube time with:
SpiegelMining - about the dangers of big data
Scanners who change documents - don’t trust scans!
Social bots, fake news and filter bubbles - what it does with our perception
Vacuum cleaning robot hacking - how to save your personal data from your vacuum cleaner
… and much much more incredible stuff.
It’s all in German but I think I read somewhere that you are from Germany. So have fun!
Edit: I just saw, the last video is actually in English.


I vote for “Ambassadors”



Within the Cardano community, we have some very active members. These are people who are recognized as going above and beyond what a normal community member might do, by offering regular, consistent, and positive contributions to the project.

We call these special people the Cardano Ambassadors.

Contributions are recognized by the community in several ways, which are detailed below.

It’s important to note that Ambassador status is something that must be earned. We believe in decentralization, and that a strong community led by those who contribute the most is extremely important.



This is someone who is interested in (or already is) hosting and running regular Cardano meetups. Meetups can be for a technical or non-technical audience, and there are several formats for hosting a Cardano event.

So what do you need to do to become a Meetup Organizer?

  • Read through the Cardano Meetup eBook and then contact the Cardano community team here who will help you set up a local group on
  • Host at least two Cardano community meetups, both with at least 10 attendees.
  • Host a meetup at least every three months.

Toshiaki Miyatake

Barry Rahme

Joshua Pius Akpan

Wang Jae Lee (이왕재)

Cliff Choi

Javier Trujillo


Our moderators are people who love the online world and help maintain an active and safe community. We have several official channels, each delivers information in a different way and some channels are geography-specific.

So, how do you become a moderator?

  • You must have a deep understanding of how a particular social media platform works and must be active daily.
  • The current moderators for a particular channel must agree that you are a suitable candidate.
  • The Cardano community team will review platform metrics, such as your Reddit karma score or Cardano Forum trust level, to ensure you are suitable to take on the responsibility.

Tim Wulteputte

Niels Schoof

In Sung Yang (양인성)

Vincent Brugge

Silviu Tanase

Mihori (米猴莉)

Josh Daviau

Andy Hendrikx

Michael Antwi

Paul Ko

Sean Alimov



This is someone who creates engaging, informative, and insightful content that educates the Cardano community and the wider world about the project. Content can be in a variety of formats, such as videos, forum posts, or podcasts.

So what do you need to do to become a Content Creator?

  • Three pieces of content must be produced and published.
  • Positive feedback from the community must be achieved. Submit evidence that your content is useful to the community and adds value, such as page views, likes and shares. Trading related content is considered low value.
  • At least one piece of content must be shared each month.

Markus Gufmar

Robert Kornacki


Lark Davis

Philippe Pierre-Antoine

Rick McCracken


Tyrone Berry


This is someone who translates content consistently and helps the Cardano project to grow in non-English speaking countries or communities. Translator Ambassadors could, for example, translate blog posts, video transcripts on YouTube, or forum posts.

So, how do you become a Translator?

  • Publish translated Cardano content and send into the Cardano community team.
  • At least 3,000 words must have been translated in total.
  • At least 1,000 words must have been translated in the past month.

Mihori (米猴莉)

Rex Liu

Chia Lung Hung

Hao Sun

Christian Meng

Malick Mbengue

Carlos Gomes


Nominating a potential Ambassador is easy – just click on the button below and fill out the form. You can nominate yourself or other community members that you believe deserve the recognition. The Cardano community team will review potential and current Ambassadors each month. Remember, the Ambassador status is something that has to be earned.


This is an unorthodox usage of the “Ambassador” title as there is absolutely no high-profile representative Use Case defined for it, which normally is expected with such titles. Brand representatives, Community representatives are just a few roles that would be assumed to go along with it.

Read the post again please if you didn’t understand why this entire conflict escalated between people with good will but differnet background, experience and thinking.


I understand perfectly

This is your speculation. There is no need for fight, what is missing is constructive dialogue & reasoning why the other side might be wrong and the solution proposed is bad.

It’s a power play …

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Even if we have to invent problems. It is a power play

All these concerns by some of us about the “Ambassador” title and Anonymity was an invented problem?

I presented a solution. It was ignored, because there are other things going on here. Sometimes it’s more important to keep the fight going to stay relevant.

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Is this an accusation? Where are you trying to go? The only thing I see is distraction.

It is distracting, let’s wait for staking and put everything up for a vote. Trust in the system.


This copy and paste here is quite unnecessary as it exists else where and in including it here doesn’t add to the topic being discussed.

@SeanAlimov please offer up succinct feedback, constructive criticism on the thread topic. otherwise it’s just going to end up being an argument, ironically involving an “Ambassador” about the standard/code of conduct of Ambassadors.


Great suggestion @SeanAlimov. Any for the interim?


That voting might not be around for a year or so. Not sure about the roadmap.

What do you suggest until then? Can we have constructive, intelligent & mature debates here or it will always end up in a power play?

And actually please separate the debate and the voting part, these are quite different needs. You first debate then vote. At the moment we have none of these.

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Put it up for a vote here first, I want to make sure I’m not addressing concerns of a single person to make changes for the entire community. Would you like me to structure the vote?


I have to agree with the general point @bercinho is making here. we have to take into account the universal interpretation of a word, especially in the context of a title.

i think a great reference here is the “evangelist” role that companies like apple and adobe have historically had.

“A technology evangelist is a person who builds a critical mass of support for a given technology, and then establishes it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects.”

Ambassador mediates, a champion supports.

one is passive and formal, while the other is active and informal.

one can not be anonymous, while the other can.

so, actually, i’d dare to suggest letting natural selection take place. let’s see if people rally behind _ Ambassador or _ Champion.

personally, if i had to, i’d much rather (anonymously or pseudonymously) think of myself as a “Cardano Content Champion”.


i wonder why the community wasn’t involved in this process?

something tells me quality of outcome would have been higher.

it would have include how to revoke authority and strip power from those who abuse it!