Poll: Should anonymous profiles be allowed to become a Cardano Ambassador?

As many of you probably have noticed, on January 31st, the first 33 Cardano Ambassadors were announced as part of the Cardano Ambassador program. Since the program was launched about a month ago, community members were able to nominate people for ambassador roles such as meetup organizers, moderators, content creators and translators.

Besides the newly appointed ambassadors being congratulated and thanked for their contributions, a critical discussion arose. One of the critiques was about the fact that some of the ambassadors that were selected have anonymous accounts. These concerns were described throughout this (very long) thread, and partially reiterated here.

Some of these concerns reflected on me personally, as I was selected as a content creator ambassador for the Medium articles that I wrote on Cardano, such as my latest piece on Cardano’s security, and my name was repeatedly mentioned as an example. Personally, I strongly disagree with the notion that someone with an anonymous profile should not be able to become a Cardano Ambassador. I have therefore written down my stance on the topic in this article, in which I conclude by offering to give back my ambassador status if a majority of the community indeed disagrees with an anonymous account being selected as an ambassador.

As opposed to the community members that strongly emphasized their concerns, there were actually also people that disregarded these concerns. To get a better feel for the ratio in which both opinions are represented in the opinion and include the opinion of ‘the silent majority’ that may not explicitly share their opinion in comments, I propose the following (anonymous) poll.

Should anonymous profiles be allowed to become a Cardano Ambassador?

  • Yes
  • No

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“Identities are not used, and there’s no reliance on recourse. It’s all prevention.”
Satoshi Nakamoto


This is a very manipulative vote presented. Just look at the initiator putting in bold his opinion (he changed it after a while following my complaint here, it’s in history) for the result he expects.

This entire context is one sided.

It competently ignores the claims made by the other opinionated members of the Community.

Also it will never be a representative vote of the Community just a few peope who registered on the Forum and bumped into it.

What kind of authority does the result of such vote provide you?

Please stop with this. The case was dropped as we don’t live in a democratic system here, but there are a few in charge who decide these cases and they have heard our voice.


Anyone interested to read up the real context it’s here:




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This is very much what I am used to coming from you Bert, your best effort to villify the opinion of someone else demanding that your perspective be listened to and that it hold weight cause it comes from you.


I think we should let this play out the way it is presented, which is pretty fair.

Those who were interested read enough, those who weren’t, ignored the entire thread as a non-issue.

About the vote being representative:
The forum is a good enough sample to be representative of the larger community, otherwise you’d be tweeting your suggestions into the void rather than creating topics of discussion here.

We can claim there are many thousands of Cardano supporters out there, but without knowing their personal stake, which you can only find out through on chain voting, I wouldn’t rely on any such claims/assertions.

For all I care the people who signed your petition could be your botnet or a hired Chinese clickfarm. Anyone can claim to be a Cardano supporter willing to shape its governance ahead of schedule, but how do I know they are not charlatans?

I would totally demand actual names if ambassadors made protocol funding decisions that could affect the entire community, but from my vantage point the issue is about individual contribution that is unpaid. It just generates interest and draws people into the platform.

Even if it was paid, I don’t think you should know the identity of the person—that’s an issue btw those who pay and those who get paid. As has been stated here before, the fact that wider public doesn’t know identities doesn’t mean they are unknown to the foundation, Emurgo, etc.

I am sure they have lawyers who advise them on a range of issues, including payments to individuals so there is no need to second guess them. It comes across as redundant and alarmist. Protocol is not decentralized, let them build and lead the way it was intended. When the time comes everyone can put their ADA where their mouth is and we will have what we will have…

Until then discussions around protocol governancd are a waste of time. They don’t change a thing. Cardano entities operate under legal jurisdictions and have a real skin in the game to make sure things are executed according to the law.

Demanding that a content creator reveal his identity to wider public putting his career at risk, is exactly the opposite of what a good community building looks like.

It’s an overkill, admit it. By all standards of human decency it is plain ridiculous!

All it has achieved is to put good people at risk of leaving the community.

It’s a huge blow to the fabric of this community and I absolutely oppose this kind of behavior. Judge people by their work, not by what they decide to put on their profile picture.


You obviously didn’t read the other threads or didn’t understand them or just ignored it. Same thing @Undersearcher did with his article :slight_smile:

The reason we end up in such long, exhausting & terrible debates is because I see lot of ego coming into play, personal attitude, ambition & “making friends happy” tactics instead of bringing effective or objective reasoning for the various viewpoints & claims.

Having Ambassadors being the loudest about their opinion and even “voting” is not reassuring in this context as you should be fully impartial about the policies you have to follow to let the rest of the Community debate it.

The sh@t show is over… let it go!

Mic drop

This thread is not even about debate, simply imo @Undersearcher is exploring the community opinion about whether or not they should continue as an Ambassador of Cardano.
You are the only one trying to make it a debate - and a conversation that you would like to moderate, the community absolutely should voice their opinion on privacy and inclusion without possibility of attack against personal interest and whether or not anonymity is acceptable or not.

I have high hopes that you never pick that mic up ever again.


" The reason we end up in such long, exhausting & terrible debates is because I see lot of ego coming into play, personal attitude, ambition &; “making friends happy” tactics instead of bringing effective or objective reasoning for the various viewpoints & claims."

That exactly what you do mate.
No one cared about all that anonymous stuff until you started that campaign, creating all that drama. And now when you see that majority of people doesn’t agree or care, you just point finger at them and flee.


Carefull what you wish for. Diversity in opinions and characters is in my opinion the best measurement of a functioning society/community.


Ya, I agree, unfortunately I must be tortured with a constant reminder that people do not view liberty the same way as I do, thanx for the reminder on diversity though.


Definitely “Yes”!
It helps to have this discussion right now, so we don’t need to get back to it in the future.

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Some thoughts about this, from one member of this community to the others:

The day I received an email saying that I was considered as an “Ambassador”, I felt quite happy. I finally had something to oppose to my partner that day : " Ah, you see ! I am an ambassador now ! Bow before me !".

I won’t lie, I selected myself. I don’t know if others chose me as well. May be, I don’t care much.

I wanted to make her feel better about these holiday nights, when I stayed awake speaking to myself about how to better convey this or this cryptic and geeky concept, knowing I won’t be helping much with the kid’s breakfast next morning…

Feeling particularly good with my new title that day, it took me a while to realise that this badge would not help me recover my lost sex-appeal, probably stuck somewhere between grey hair and 8 years of shared laundry. And quite logically, that same day, the Ambassador did not get laid.

Me, myself and the ambassador decided then to go outside, on the balcony. We had a cigarette and opened a beer. We had a good laugh thinking about this stupid joke : Nothing is better after sex than a cigar and a glass of Champaign.

What’s the message ?

I’m just a human. I am not paid for that. My name is known to all of you but it could have been otherwise. Leave morality aside, we french hardly do this stuff. I have nothing worth protecting with an NDA.

I will continue until the day I loose interest, or need this time to be spent with people that matter the most to me. Until then, read and redirect to the translations if you fancy. Let me know when they’re crap. And we will be good friends.



This post has come up in my mind several times since I read it,

Makes me smile as I remember the first time I joined a crypto forum with these exact thoughts.



I’m glad not to be alone there !